As far as weeks go, this one was a considerable one for Microsoft. Not only did we hear more details about Redmond’s future plans for mobile, the company rolled out several software updates and apps. Long time hardware partner, HP, also announced a baffling decision or two.

Here are the biggest news bytes:

Goodbye of the Week

When it comes to hardware partners, HP has long been one of the closest ones for Microsoft. But the company made public its plans of developing a custom Linux based operating system for future, hinting at an end to the Windows and Intel partnership. Bold or brash? Time be the judge.

Launch of the Week

Pinterest, the visual bookmarking social network, has been growing from strength to strength these past couple of years. And the company officially arrived on Windows Phone, with the release of the Pinterest app for Microsoft’s mobile operating platform. About time.

Punishment of the Week

Three months for leaking such high profile source code? Eh, what can one say? The legal department at Redmond had been following up this case for a while now, and news finally came out that a former employee who was behind a number of Windows leaks was sentenced to three months in prison.

Roadmap of the Week

Intel roadmap are never a dull affair. They provide hints at when the next wave of computer hardware, laptops and hybrids will be upon us. And this recently leaked one confirmed what many feared. Broadwell based processors will only hit store shelves early next year. What a downer!

Move of the Week

It takes special guts to make a move like this, but an Australian company is said to have ordered 8,000 Chromebooks from various vendors as replacements to Windows based PCs. No longer are Chrome OS devices limited to the educational sector, and this is a threat that Microsoft will be taking seriously.

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