Another week where Microsoft let the silence do all the talking. Although Redmond dropped hints about its two upcoming operating systems, Windows 8.1 Update 1 and Windows Phone 8.1, at the MWC 2014, the company is yet to follow up on it in any official capacity. BUILD, please be here soon.

Here are the top stories of the week, some of them rather silencing:

Case of the Week

The case of the disappearing RTM version? Many were convinced that the Windows 8.1 Update 1 version that leaked last Friday was the final build, many more installed it. But a report surfaced a couple of days back claiming that this might not be what everyone thinks it is. A case for the ages!

Scare of the Week

Windows XP is about to reach the end of support deadline in oh, just 24 days, but an expert says that hackers and cybercriminals have already started making (and trading) lists of unpatched flaws and vulnerabilities in the old operating system. Oh, the sheer horror of this thought!

Launch of the Week

Expectations usually run sky high when you finish a crowd-funding campaign with success, and aim to port one of the most popular application to a new platform. After a number of delays, the official VLC Player finally made an appearance on the Windows Store. Pretenders beware!

Push of the Week

When push comes to shove, grant the investor a seat at the board of directors. That is what Microsoft has officially done this week, announcing that the president of ValueAct Capital is now the eleventh member of its board. They were right when they said that everything is up for sale these days!

Promise of the Week

The United Kingdom has traditionally been cited as the absolute forte of BlackBerry, what with the sweeping services sector in this important market. But Microsoft’s very own Windows Phone platform is now making inroads in the UK, with wireless carriers making official grand plans. At long last!

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  • Wayne S

    Pretty busy week! Nice work by everyone on reporting the stories. The one thing that stuck out to me the most was the XP stories! Look forward to next weeks! Have a good weekend.

  • Emily W

    Great work, guys. I loved all the VLC stories this week. It seems like they wanted to throw Microsoft under the bus after the issues, but just weren’t ready to release. There may be more to the story!

  • Bill Franklin

    Awesome work by the staff here. This site has real potential. Keep reporting these stories everyday! See you guys on monday.

  • Jason Claven

    Outstanding job here people. These weekly wrap-ups are a nice touch.

  • Ted Smith

    I didn’t realize the UK was known for Blackberrys. I still love a lot of stuff with the blackberry, but the Windows phone can clearly make more a mark at this point.