Inches. A vital unit of length. Also used in the verb form as inching. Well, we sure are inching towards, what is undoubtedly the most important Microsoft event of the year. BUILD 2014 is where the company is expected to unveil new versions of well, pretty much almost everything.

Until then we have had to make do with unofficial reports, the best of which are:

Launch of the Week

And just like that, nimble and quiet, Microsoft released the Surface 2 with LTE. In the United States, yes, but this paves way for future slates that will get this capabilities as the world goes cellular. The only hitch is the $130 premium for the privilege, a markup that would make Apple proud.

Success of the Week

Microsoft’s mobile operating platform is slowly cementing its place as the second most popular choice in many markets the world over. Another one more to the list, with the confirmation that Windows Phone handsets are now outselling the iPhone in Romania. By quite a large margin, at that.

Arrest of the Week

Well, not every day you hear about arrests and the FBI handling the investigations. But this is just what happened with news that a former Microsoft programmer was arrested on charges of leaking Windows 8 code and other trade secrets. But the real story here is how Microsoft nailed the chap.

Statistics of the Week

I guess, this is the next most important milestone this side of the hundred thousand mark. Although things have again slowed down, but Windows Store finally reached the landmark figure of 150,000 apps for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. More actions, developers, more action.

Threat of the Week

This was always one the cards. With the looming retirement of Windows XP, businesses large and small are forced to evaluate their options. And Linux remains one of the more enticing choices, even for ATM operators, who are said to be considering moving their machines to the open-source OS.

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