Close is a relative word, but so is most. And as we move closer to what is pretty much the most anticipated Microsoft event in recent memory, interest on what sort of changes BUILD 2014 will bring is high. Luckily, we will find out the full details of what is in store next week.

In the meantime we will have to make do with these top stories:

Move of the Week

While other larger hardware manufacturers still seem to have doubts whether to launch dual boot devices, Ramos has gone in all guns blazing with its i10 Pro tablet that runs both Windows 8.1 and Android. Next stop, running both operating systems at once and switch at will? I’d be down with that.

Statement of the Week

There is a reason why Huawei has been quiet with Windows Phone. The Chinese telecom giant has only launched two handsets powered by Microsoft’s mobile OS, with a third handset lingering for months. And a company official made the reason official, saying that Windows Phone is costly. And closed.

Arrival of the Week

There were some that wanted Office on iPad right from the beginning. Well, now they can have their cake and eat it too, with the release of Office for iPad on Apple’s flagship tablet. Initial reviews are good, and the productivity suite can only go up from here with regular updates.

Cut of the Week

Not that anyone expected anything different, but an Apple employee confirmed what we all knew. The company takes its regular 30 percent cut of all Office 365 subscriptions that are activated from within the recently released Office for iPad app. Fortunately, the remaining 70 percent covers all expenses.

Wave of the Week

After years of obscurity, more so after failure to launch of netbooks, Intel has got a thing for its Atom line of processors. The Bay Trail family has been a certified success, at least among hardware manufacturers, and the chip giant wants to keep a good thing going with the second wave. Bring it on.

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