A week of surprises. And heartbreaks. Most bets were on Microsoft finally unveiling the elusive Surface Mini tablet, but the company pulled a fast one and unleashed the Surface Pro 3. We also found out the reason why China banned Windows 8 on government PCs to go with leaked Office Touch screenshots.

On to the main highlights of the week, then:

Surprise of the Week

It is not very often you get surprises in technology these days, what with the various leaks that float around before a product is unveiled. But we got a little jolt when Redmond launched the Surface Pro 3, its premium 12-inch slate. And the tablet is a thing of beauty.

Story of the Week

The Surface Mini might have been in rumors for two years, and in news for two months, but misfortune struck for people that were planning to buy the small device. The story has it that Microsoft already built the first batch before postponing the tablet at the eleventh hour. 20,000 tablets under the key?

Mood of the Week

Microsoft have scored a number of victories by holding some illustrious and successful events this year. But it appears that there is a change of strategy in Redmond offices, with news that the company has banned competitors and rivals from attending future events. Smack down.

Rank of the Week

There are some that might say that fourth position is too low for a company like Microsoft, but at least the software titan is on the right track. It has been listed as the fourth most popular brand in the world, and no surprises here, really, considering how things have been going recently. No surprises.

Ban of the Week

China pulled a fast one with the official announcement that installation of Windows 8 on government PCs is now banned in the country. How long this lasts is anyone’s guess, but needless to say it might hinder Microsoft’s future plans for the country. Needless, indeed.

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