This week can safely be classified as the unofficial Xbox week for Microsoft. The gaming console has been in the news all month, and these past few days almost all news has been about the Xbox One. Still we did have some important developments on the Windows 8 and particularly Surface Pro fronts.

Here is a fine selection of some of the biggest stories of the week:

Milestone of the Week

Microsoft may have hoped to see a hundred thousand unique apps on the Windows Store by February this year, but even though February has come and gone, the apps repository is slowing inching towards the milestone. As of this writing, however, it has crossed the 75,000 mark. Good going.

Opening of the Week

Microsoft has shown remarkable interest in expanding its retail presence across the United States this past year, and this week the technology titan celebrated the opening of the 36th Microsoft Store. And the best part is that a whole bunch of new locations are in the pipeline.

Product of the Week

Microsoft unveiled the Surface tablets almost a year back, and since June 2012 we have witnessed the arrival of the two Surface units, their accompanying promotion, sales and supply issues, and more. But finally the Surface Pro is ready to expand its availability by debuting in several European markets

Ad of the Week

Microsoft has put some great video commercials and some downright stinkers. This ad that pitches the Asus VivoTab RT against the iPad is one of the better efforts from Redmond, clearly showcasing the advantages the Windows RT device has against its rival. More advertisements like this, please.

Comment of the Week

Microsoft and Google are two of the biggest rivals in the technology world. Samsung and Apple may be fighting on the hardware front, but Redmond is competing with Google on multiple fronts. That is why this comment from a Microsoft executive raised an eyebrow or two.

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