Busy few days in the world of Windows. Microsoft released a few things, a couple of them leaked out. Overall a smashing week for the company that saw the release of the third iteration of Windows 10 Technical Preview. A few quality apps, a notable new online service, and plenty of hardware unveils.

A look at what mattered the most:

Launch of the Week

This side of operating systems, that is. Redmond took the wraps off its Skype for Web service, which is a simple concept that allows anyone to sign in and use the VoIP service using any modern browser. It’s still in beta form, but shows immense potential. Immense.

Leak of the Week

Microsoft has done a swell job of keeping all thing Office 16 secret, but a beta build of the office productivity suite leaked out on the Internet, where such things leak out. It’s not official, in case you go looking for it, and it comes with a time limit, but it does look awesome with that new dark theme.

Moment of the Week

Brand value is not much of an indication of success for a company, as these things can fluctuate wildly within a given time span. But for Microsoft, things have been on the up for a while now. The latest is that it has just become the second most value company on the planet after moving past Exxon Mobil.

Threat of the Week

Google seems intent on pushing their Chrome OS devices, and pushing them at all sorts of price points. For the most part, they are affordable laptops, with limited functionality. Redmond is countering these machines with Windows notebooks, but hard to do that when vendors price them at $149 a pop.

Rumors of the Week

One thing that is settled is that Microsoft is not all that good with naming things. Branding has been a bit of a concern for the company, with multiple name changes a norm. It appears that another one may be on the cards, as the software titan might choose the Windows Mobile branding for Windows Phone.

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