A steady week for Microsoft, save for one bombastic change of direction. The software titan unveiled the preview version of Office for Android tablets, while at the same time making the productivity suite free on all mobile devices. Mostly free, with only a handful of options retaining premium status.

Here are a few talking points:

Announcement of the Week

It was coming, it just had to come. And this week Microsoft made it official. Office is now free for users on mobile devices, meaning iPad, iPhone and Android users can download the productivity suite, open documents and edit them without subscribing to Office 365 cloud.

Tease of the Week

It is remarkable that we’re nearing the end of the year (meaning the holiday shopping is upon us), and we don’t have a new Windows Phone flagship in sight. Microsoft is, however, about to launch a new low end smartphone, which many expect to be the Lumia 535.

Comment of the Week

Steve Ballmer has been out of the picture as far as day to day operations at Redmond are concerned, but as the biggest individual Microsoft shareholder he still holds substantial clout. And the man intends to keep this status, confirming that he plans to hold Microsoft stock forever and ever.

Rumors of the Week

Not everyone might notice it, but the tablet industry is slowly shifting towards large screen displays. Microsoft was quick to respond with the 12-inch Surface Pro 3, but there is talk that the company is now developing an even larger form factor. Think 13 or 14 inch. Why not go all out with a 16 inch model?

Violation of the Week

At least, according to the tangent Samsung thinks at. Samsung and Microsoft are not exactly the best of friends, with both companies slowly moving away from each other. However, the Korean giant put up a rather interesting assumption that the Nokia takeover violated its deal with Microsoft.

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