An interesting little week for Microsoft, with almost all attention shifted towards what’s next for the Windows 10 Technical Preview that was released at the start of this month. Other than that, it was business as usual for the technology giant, with rumors, reports and releases.

Here is a look at some of the bigger highlights:

Jab of the Week

Eric Schmidt of Google sure comes across as someone that is not a fan of Microsoft. The chairman of the search engine giant made another controversial this week, claiming that the company considered Amazon as their search rival, and not Microsoft. Yeah, right.

Thought of the Week

After last week’s bombshell that HP was splitting into two different companies, an analyst floated the same idea for Microsoft. Only that the Redmond based technology titan would be better off as three distinct companies, each focusing on software, hardware or enterprise. Yeah, right.

Promise of the Week

WiFi issues may well be the one of the hardest ones to nail, but Microsoft has not been able to fix the wireless connectivity problems plaguing its flagship tablet. The company has promised one final resolution, which is to be released very soon and will make these issues history. Yeah, right.

Pricing of the Week

Chinese vendors have been building and marketing $40 Android devices for a while now, and the Windows 8.1 solutions are hitting base awfully close. Two new Windows 8.1 powered tablets showed up with the almost unbelievable price tags of $65. Interesting times we live in. Yeah, right.

Milestone of the Week

Another week, another win for the Windows Store. Microsoft’s flagship apps repository has now crossed the important landmark of 175,000 apps. With Windows 10 fast approaching, Microsoft would be hoping to see this figure increase to around 200,000. Will we get there? Yeah, right.

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