The momentum continues to shift towards Windows 10, with build 9860, the first ever refresh of the new operating system now out in public. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, meanwhile went on a bit of a press tour this week, and the company also released its remarkable third quarter financial results.

Some of the bigger stories of the past few days:

Replacement of the Week

After months of speculation, we now have an answer to Microsoft’s mobile strategy for the future. The company official announced that the Microsoft Lumia brand will replace the Nokia moniker on new Windows Phone handsets. About time, some say, but there you have it.

Result of the Week

Microsoft also posted its financial results for the first quarter of its new fiscal year, which corresponds to the third quarter of 2014. And they make for a rather uplifting read. Both consumer and commercial revenue was healthy. Healthier still, were Surface sales, with a much better showing from the tablets.

Release of the Week

Redmond houses a little Garage unit with the company, whereby Microsoft employees cook up their own solutions in their spare time. One innovation that has just been released is the Tetra Lockscreen app, which brings widgets to the Windows Phone 8.1, you guessed it Lock Screens.

Rumor of the Week

The web has been abuzz recently of reports regarding the upcoming Microsoft Smartwatch. The company’s first wearable device is widely expected to be unveiled in the coming days. But there was talk that it made an early appearance in an episode of a TV show. Either way, it looks pretty nice.

Response of the Week

There has been no shortage of stories on how Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer drifted apart when it comes to business matters at Microsoft, particularly during the past few years. The former CEO’s response regarding his friendship with the co-founder, however, still turned a few heads.

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