If the past couple of weeks were all about Windows 10, this one slowed things down on that front. Instead, Microsoft unleashed their first wearable device, going by the name of Microsoft Band. Other than that it was business as usual for the company, including a layoff of another 3,000 employees.

A look at a few other talking points:

Launch of the Week

Years after we first heard that Microsoft is working on a wearable device, the company launched Band, which is a cross between a fitness band and a proper smartwatch. Early reception seems to be positive, and the device does tick all the right checkboxes in terms of features, design and performance.

Result of the Week

Unconfirmed, but it appears that Intel has budged, and opted to delay its upcoming line of Skylake processors by a few months. Reportedly, this is to help OEMs and hardware vendors better adjust their Broadwell inventory, but a move like this is sure to impact the notebook market in some capacity.

Strategy of the Week

The Chinese government has been on the offensive against Microsoft for a while now, and the country now plans to switch around 15% of government PCs to a custom variant of Linux every year. Nothing from Redmond on these reports, but what can a company do in situations like this, right?

Report of the Week

Office 16, the next version of Microsoft’s popular productivity suite has been in the news these past few months, and now we have a time frame to look forward to. It is being reported that the company is gearing up for launch in the second half of 2015. Ties in with the naming scheme, a little, this.

Event of the Week

The start of this week brought along the two year anniversary of Windows 8, Microsoft’s modern operating platform. And boy, what a ride it has been! The company tread a lot of new territory with Windows 8, and only have things stabilized a little in terms of perception and market share.

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