From the cautious letdowns of the past week, to the pleasant highs of this one. The year’s IFA has been the reason of much joy in terms of new mobile devices, smartphones and tablets. An array of new hardware has already been unveiled, with more slated over the next few days.

Here are some of the highlights leading up to the event:

Event of the Week

Like most big technology companies, Microsoft is not much enthused about industry events. They have their own gatherings through the year. Redmond, however, made an appearance at IFA 2014 Berlin talking in detail about the future of the Windows Phone, while also unveiling some new hardware.

Device of the Week

If this is not a proof that we are living in the Age of Affordable, then nothing is. Although you can find slightly cheaper, and slightly better Windows 8.1 tablets in China, of the white label variety, Toshiba is offering a brand name device, the Encore Mini for just $119.

Vision of the Week

Truly a hardware company now, Microsoft is keen on exploring and expanding horizons of the touch technology. There is talk of mass producing the large Perceptive Pixel displays, which should provide the modern Windows platform with another new home. More power to the ones involved.

Whoa of the Week

Redmond’s troubles in China show no signs of slowing down. Antitrust authorities in the country have been on this for months now, and the latest is that after accusing Microsoft of hiding compatibility issues in Windows and Office, government officials are now pressurizing the company to admit guilt.

Ad of the Week

Siri is a fine piece of technology, but Cortana seems to be just on another level entirely. Which comes as no surprise considering Microsoft’s software roots. The company showcased this in style, in a new ad for the recently released Windows Phone version of the HTC One M8. More like this, please.

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  1. Nice review. Whoa of the week is right! When is China going to give it up? They have just been relentless recently.

  2. Busy week as always! Nice work on this post bringing it all together! 🙂

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