Another week that was unequivocally all about Windows 9. Microsoft may not have said a thing about the next versions of its operating system, but details leaked hard, and they leaked fast. Speaking of details, we also got some hints regarding Office 16, the next flavor of Microsoft’ productivity suite.

Some other talking points of the week:

Purchase of the Week

After about a week of rumors and reports, Microsoft made it official that it was buying Mojang, the developer of the certified hit game Minecraft. A lot of questions, however, remain on what kind of an approach the software titan will take with this $2.5 billion investment. Time be the judge.

Promise of the Week

They don’t call Intel the most influential technology company of all time for nothing. The chip giant has been found wanting in the mobile sphere for far too long, but seems to be make the right moves now. The upcoming Broadwell based Core M series promises much in terms of performance and power.

Steadfastness of the Week

Now this is a word you don’t hear all that often in the computing technology domain, but boy, the Russian government is staying put on its decision to move away from US based software. The country placed only 7 orders for Windows licenses in the period between July and August.

Call of the Week

Software is funny business. Just when you get feel like you’ve got the hang of something, it either becomes outdated or unsupported. This is what a lot of businesses are finding out, with calls to prepare for the upcoming retirement of Windows Server 2003 early next year. Doggone!

Cover of the Week

Microsoft has tried the culture thing before to mixed results. Unlike a certain fruity company named Apple, Redmond’s products are not readily featured in the media. The Surface Pro 3, however, changed this positively, appearing on magazine covers multiple times. Most recently on the UK based PC Pro.

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  • Lars

    Nice wrap-up here. Purchase of the week was definitely a big one. Microsoft is shelling out a lot of money and hoping for the best here. I hope they’re right.

  • Cody Z

    Good work here Fahad. Have a great weekend! Thanks for continuing to report all news Microsoft.