If you came here expecting a bigger story for the week than the Nokia acquisition by Microsoft, then prepare to be disappointed. While not totally unexpected, the buyout of the Finnish telecom giant’s devise and services business is significant. But there were several other notable highlights.

Here are the most noteworthy stories of the past week:

News of the Week

There is big news, and there is earth-shattering news. This one is historic stuff. Redmond has been on a bit of a roll latterly, when it comes to momentous announcements. After recent declaring that Ballmer is retiring, Microsoft announced that it is buying Nokia’s devices unit for a sum upwards of $7 billion.

Assurance of the Week

Eyebrows are commonly raised when a company snaps up its biggest partner. The same thing happened after the Nokia acquisition, a deal with left Windows Phone partners rethinking their future strategy. Microsoft, however, was quick to assured them that it is fully and comprehensively committed.

Win of the Week

Motorola has been on the receiving end of a couple of verdicts now. One of the reasons why Google acquired Motorola was the valuable patents portfolio it possessed, but Redmond has won the patents battle in court once again, with Motorola being ordered to pay $14 million to Microsoft.

Drop of the Week

Another statistical entry this week! While Windows 8 is slowly and steadily increasing its market share across the globe, a classic operating system has finally started to dwindle. Windows XP dropped its market share by well over 3 percent in August, to the very delight of Microsoft and friends.

Rumor of the Week

The second generation Surface Pro is, in many ways, of grander interest to the technology world. Many held off from purchasing the current model for various reasons, the prime among them being the less than stellar battery life. But if rumors are to be believed, this is one thing that Microsoft has perfected.

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