Excruciating is a word you don’t often hear in the context of computing technology, but the wait for Windows 9 is now a bit racking. A lot of rumors concerning the new OS await either confirmation or denial. With the next flavor of Window now the primary focus, things have slowed on other fronts.

Here are a few other transpirations from these past few days:

Rescue of the Week

Remember the all or nothing days when Windows 8 made its debut? A lot of hardware vendors had penned their hopes on Microsoft turning things around for the PC industry with the modern Windows. Well, happy to report that job almost done, though this rescue job took a while coming.

Invitation of the Week

Microsoft and Samsung are currently presenting their cases to the court, regarding a breach of contract involving some Android patents. But that did not stop CEO Satya Nadella from asking the Korean giant to invest more efforts in creating new Windows Phone devices.

Debut of the Week

Forget the magical $100 mark for Windows 8.1 tablets, the real deal is $81. A Chinese company that goes by the name of Pipo just launched their Work W4 slate at this price point. You often get what you pay for, which in this case is a functional and highly productive touch-capable computing device.

Criticism of the Week

The South Koreans sure are irritated with Microsoft. CEO Satya Nadella of course made a stop in the country a part of his tour, which also includes China, but the local Korean media has torn into the software titan. Publications went as far as to term Microsoft a greedy company.

Partnership of the Week

Two respective leaders in software and hardware penned a new Internet of Things deal. To be honest, LG is more of a consumer electronics company. But that said, this brand new partnership with Microsoft in this dynamic field is a good sign for the future.

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