Another weekend approaches, and we see things heating up as we near the launch of Windows 8.1. Microsoft is all guns blazing as it details its plans and preorder campaigns of its new products. Hardware makers seem ready and raring as they unveil their new and improved devices for the year.

Here are the best bits of the days gone by:

Assault of the Week

You can bet the farmhouse on the fact that no one loves Microsoft more than the man who made the company what it is today. But in the long and illustrious history of the technology titan, Bill Gates was directly attacked for the first time by three top shareholders, asking for his resignation as chairman.

Give Up of the Week

Dell officially marked its arrival in the Windows 8.1 party, but at the same time, made official what many dreaded. The company has given up on Windows RT, in favor of what it calls the full version of Windows. This leaves Microsoft as the lone ranger as far as Windows on ARM is concerned.

Growth of the Week

If these are not sure signs of sustained traction and momentum, then I don’t know what are. Europe is turning out to be the forte of Windows Phone, where once again it posted some impressive growth numbers. The same can sadly not be said of the US and Chinese market, but slow and steady, eh?

Focus of the Week

Say what you may about this, but the entry level smartphone market is hard to ignore. Some would say, it is the most crucial segment, as big numbers invite developers, which in turn leads to platform growth. And this is exactly what Microsoft is aiming to focus on, with affordable Windows Phone devices.

Promise of the Week

Panos Panay sure has earned his vacation. The head of the Surface unit at Redmond had a busy few weeks, full of praises and promises. He was all applause for the second generation units he recently unveiled, while at the same time assured that new tablet sizes and form factors are incoming.

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