This week was all about Windows 9. Microsoft’s upcoming operating system was left, right and center, thanks to a bunch of leaked screenshots, video clips and details. Apart from that there was also the small matter of new Windows Phone handsets launching, and some branding changes at Redmond.

A few highlights from this week:

Leak of the Week

Things took a turn for the interesting with the first ever batch of leaked Windows 9 screenshots. They come from a build that was distributed to partners for testing, and even though the images show an OS in early stages of development, they are a joy to behold.

Change of the Week

Although there have been various hints on this matter over these past few months, but the most solid of it all is an internal document that shows Microsoft is considering dropping both the Nokia and Windows Phone brands. Lumia, will stay, while future smartphones will just be called powered by Windows.

Imitation of the Week

Sincerest form of flattery, and all. Sony is the latest company to jump on the Metro (or Modern UI) interface. The tile based design was seen in the newest tablet the Japanese technology giant showed off at IFA 2014 in Berlin. Steven Sinofsky is probably has a smile on his face right now.

Comment of the Week

Dell is one of Microsoft’s closest hardware partners, but that did not stop the company from calling the Surface Pro 3 an utter compromise. The company launched several new models at the recently concluded IFA 2014, and these aggressive remarks seem like marketing talk, nothing else.

Success of the Week

Microsoft had a pretty good time at Berlin this week. The company not only introduced the Lumia 730, and 830 smartphones just before the event, but other partners also introduced their latest creations. We now have a selection of 22 new Windows Phone handsets this year.

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    Good week for Redmond. They’re staying relevant in the news. Good time coming for Microsoft.