The week started with the most positive of news that Microsoft had officially released the RTM version of Windows 8.1 on its subscription channels, owing to public demand. And it ended with rumors that this decision had quite a story behind it. Other than that, it was business as usual for Redmond.

Here is a look at the biggest stories of the week:

Ruckus of the Week

Disputes are rarely fun, internal disputes are downright horrible. But according to the latest gossip from the Redmond campus, the official release of Windows 8.1 RTM on MSDN and TechNet ahead of launch caused a fair bit of dispute at the company. Luckily, it did not take long for everyone to come to senses!

Reveal of the Week

There’s a storm coming. One that promises to bring around a new wave of shiny new Windows 8.1 devices, like tablets, notebooks, convertibles and hybrids. The official launch of the upcoming OS may be a few weeks way, but ASUS did not want to waste time to show off the amazing Transformer Book T100.

Remark of the Week

John Sculley is a man that takes no prisoners. So when asked what he thought of Microsoft’s current direction, he has some choice words to say on the matter. The former Apple CEO believes Redmond is tone deaf to users. Good thing Sculley is not in on the recent change of direction at Microsoft, then.

Riot of the Week

Microsoft has made it a bit of an unhealthy habit of releasing faulty updates in its monthly Patch Tuesday update cycle. And with the record number of fixes released this, there was always a chance that one or two botched updates may slip through. This is exactly what happened, causing a bit of turmoil.

Ratification of the Week

When you can count your list of hardware partner for a platform on one hand and still have a finger to spare, you have to tread carefully. When you acquire the largest OEM, you have to hope for the best. The news that Huawei still plans to remain in the Windows Phone game, is music to Microsoft’s ears.

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