Week In Review (Dec 15 – Dec 20)

If you were expecting some slow movements on the technology front in terms of news, then you were expecting obviousness. The very end of the years is more about sales and statistics than happenings and proceedings, and the world of Windows is no different.

Still here are some cherry picked highlights of the week:

Milestone of the Week

Microsoft may have rather unceremoniously made the announcement in the most casual of ways, but the Windows Phone Store has now crossed the majestic milestone of 200,000 unique apps. Additionally, it also crossed the 12 million transactions per day mark, a sure sign of solid traction.

Cancellation of the Week

It is not often Nokia fans have to make the acquaintance of bad news, but it arrived this week, albeit in the form of a rumor. Word is that the company has cancelled the Lumia 2020 tablet. Codenamed the Illusionist, this was to be a smaller and affordable slate powered by Windows RT 8.1.

Statement of the Week

Outgoing CEO Steve Ballmer has a tendency to make surprising statements, and he let lose another one recently in one of his farewell interviews. The head of Microsoft said that the majority of users buy their Windows licenses by purchasing new PCs. Hence the company just had to step into the hardware field.

Trend of the Week

Tablets are now the absolute darling of the technology world. Go back just a few years, and notebooks took over from desktop PCs as the device of choice. But a new survey reveals that no less than 55 percent of consumers are more than okay with making the slates their primary gizmo.

Intent of the Week

Nokia may not think much of HTC, surely not in the Windows Phone domain. But that does not mean the Finnish company is oblivious to infringements on its patents. It recently sued and won in the UK against the HTC One Mini, and showed further intent to pursue more legal action HTC around the globe.