This week brought along, undoubtedly, the biggest news of the past couples of years for Microsoft. Potentially even the entire computing technology industry. Redmond has chosen a new leader to pilot the company through increasingly interesting times.

Below is the news of his engagement, along with other top stories for the week:

News of the Week

Good luck finding a bigger news story than the appointment of Satya Nadella as the new CEO of Microsoft. The third leader in the history of the software titan, he will be working closely with Bill Gates to chart new successes for the company. Safe choice, but a choice, nevertheless.

Smack of the Week

Or sour grapes of the week. Former executive Joachim Kempin is not the type to mince his words, and in a new interview after the appointment of Microsoft’s new CEO, he termed Satya Nadella as a sheep —someone that follows the herd. The big question, then, is that what’s wrong with being a sheep?

Deal of the Week

In a bit of a stroke of genius, Microsoft is said to have enlisted the services of Foursquare for its voice assistant for Windows Phone 8.1. The location based social service could just be what the doctor ordered to make Cortana a winner, though a lot will depend on just how well it is integrated.

Threat of the Week

The Windows operating system is under ambush from several sides. While it is still holding out in terms of market share, one of the more serious threats is from rival technology giant, Google, and its Chromebook line of devices. Toshiba, of all companies, joined in the fun this week, with its very own.

Delay of the Week

Multimedia players are serious business, just ask VideoLAN, the developers of VLC Player. A Metro version of the media player has been in the news since 2012, around the time Windows 8 launched, but it was delayed once again this week after the team encountered problems. Serious business, I tell you.

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