The week of rumors. And speculation. And more rumors. Microsoft may have embraced the policy of absolute silence on its future prospects, but that is not stopping insider sources from revealing and leaking all sorts of information. And boy, did we get a handful of them these past few days.

Here is a selection of the biggest bytes from the rumor mill, and beyond:

Leak of the Week

It take something special to stand tall in these situations, but the acres of leaked details and screenshots of Windows Phone 8.1 take the cake this time around. Microsoft recently opened up an early preview of the SDK, and generous souls opened up the details on all the stuff that is new in the OS. Fun times.

Resolve of the Week

Giants like Samsung and Sony rule the Android world. But that has done nothing to dampen the spirits of Nokia, or what will be left of it after the Microsoft acquisition is finalized. The company reportedly plans to enter the Android market with a number of high end handsets later this year. Interesting.

Feature of the Week

Windows 8.1 Update 1 may not have that high a count when it comes to new features, but the upcoming refresh of the operating system does not skimp on refinements. Along with the handy ability of showing the taskbar in Metro apps, Redmond has also thrown in jumplists and multiple thumbnails.

Milestone of the Week

Licenses sold rarely equates copies installed, but when you have as big a number as this, it is hard not to be take note. Under fire operating system Windows 8, Microsoft just confirmed, is now sitting at 200 million, give or take. Not a bad showing by any accounts, truth be told.

Rumor of the Week

You have got to hand it to leakers that put their reputation on the line. And then deliver. Wzor is no stranger to leaking out Microsoft details and software products, and the leaker is standing by the earlier claim that Windows 9 is destined for release by the end of the year. More power to you, my fine fellow.

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