The main ingredient for the week that is just about to end was Windows 8.1 Update 1. Or in simpler terms, the various screenshot leaks, release date rumors and feature speculations. Throw in some details regarding Windows 9, and Microsoft’s quarterly financial results and you have a top three.

Below is a look at these and some other interesting bits:

Departure of the Week

There are few that love Microsoft more as a company than Steve Ballmer. The noted CEO is on his way out, but there were rumors that he wanted to keep his board seat. This may not be all that simple now, with noise that Ballmer might leave Redmond completely after a new CEO is announced.

Feature of the Week

Who thought a simple enough feature like the ability to pin Metro app on the taskbar could stir so much interest? Well, one of the first details that found its way to the grapevine is that Microsoft is preparing such a feature for Windows 8.1 Update 1. And it has got people talking.

Statistics of the Week

Nokia recently announced its financial results, its final financial results before the Microsoft takeover is complete, and the total number of Lumia device sold in the final quarter of the previous year came in at around 8.2 million. A little shy of expectations, some may think, but nothing at all alarming.

Clarification of the Week

The world of Windows is rarely without color, and something interesting transpired this week when HP brought back its lineup of Windows 7 PCs. More like an option for buyers to select the old OS. So much so that it had to clarify in a blog post that it is not dropping sales of Windows 8.1. Hilarious.

Rumor of the Week

When it comes to rumors, release dates are either the easiest to pin down or the toughest. But if your name is Mary Jo Foley, you can rather accurately talk about a timeframe. This is what she has done earlier today in claiming that Windows 8.1 Update 1 is heading for a March release. Can’t wait.

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