Missed this column? I know you did, I just feel it in my water! The end or start of years is rarely the time to do week in reviews, when the principal news usually has got something to do with sales and price cuts. But this week we have enough substance to go around. And then some, and then some.

Here are five stories to ring in this neoteric year:

Return of the Week

While it is hard to accurately gauge what sort of a return this might turn out to be, but this much is becoming increasingly certain that Microsoft will include some form of a Start Menu in one of the upcoming versions of Windows. Chance are that it could even be back with Windows 8.1 Update 1.

Swindle of the Week

Samsung and Microsoft may not be the best of friends but they are not the worst of enemies either. Apparently the Korean company is feeling quite smug after rather inspiringly copying the Metro interface of Windows 8 for its new line of Android tablets. Imitation, sincerest, flattery and all that.

Interest of the Week

There are potentials and then there are misses. In theory, Sony could do so much better on the smartphones front than the numbers it pulls right now. But the company is aiming big for the future, and has boldly confirmed that it is interested in launching Windows Phone devices. Don’t wait.

Threat of the Week

It may not be overly evident right now, but the Windows platform is facing a clear and present danger in the form of sharing space with Android on PCs. Intel revealed at CES 2014 earlier this week that several hardware vendors are preparing tablets, hybrids, laptops, even desktops with both operating systems.

Exit of the Week

Alan Mulally sure knows a lot about racing, what with him being the head of American carmaker Ford. And he intends to remain such until the end of the year, after the man finally made it official that he is dropping out of the race for Microsoft’s CEO seat. Exit, stage left.

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