Things are heating up, wherever you look. Microsoft has completed development on Windows 8.1 Update 1, and it even leaked out towards the very end of this week. Hardware vendors are showing renewed interest in the platform, and Windows Phone is ready to explode, figuratively, that is.

Five of the biggest news items of the week:

Hoopla of the Week

Users in China, well the bulk of them anyway, have just recently settled on with Windows XP. The only problem is that Microsoft is ready to pull the plug on support, and amid all the scurry and scamper it erroneously emerged that the company was extending support for the platform in the country.

Confession of the Week

It is hard to name a technology CEO that was more criticized than what Steve Ballmer had to go through while he was at the helm. While a lot of this criticism was not unwarranted, the man himself knows that Microsoft made a lot of mistakes under his command. And he is ready to admit it.

Aim of the Week

Heaven knows the world needs more Windows devices. Well, Windows 8.1 powered tablets, to be exact. And Microsoft is ready to grab the bull by the horns by partnering up with local vendors in important markets in order to launch some really affordable tablets. More power to those involved.

Concern of the Week

This was never in doubt. Users that are yet to migrate from Windows XP, even with an exact month remaining in retirement, either have some valid reasons, or they are overly brave souls. One survey even showed that a substantial amount of the user base is taking all this awfully lightly. Concerning indeed.

Choice of the Week

The United Kingdom. Once considered the very forte of BlackBerry. However, things are changing and they are changing fast. The services heavy market UK market now has eyes for the Windows Phone platform as the third choice. One could be forgiven for thinking this to be the case in other places too.

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    Speaking of Windows Phone, my roomie just got herself a Nokia 928 last Saturday for free (w/a 2 year contract) and the $45 plan (saving her $15 per month), and is loving her new phone. I cannot wait to get the Nokia Icon, myself!


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