News and views took the backseat this week, and the past few days have been all about promotions, deals, and discounts. With Black Friday upon us, no other outcome was expected. Speaking of deals, Microsoft singed a few recently, from Skype partnership in China to an office complex in Germany.

Five important bits from the past five days:

Strategy of the Week

And then there were two. Few will deny that Microsoft has one too many consumer operating systems at hand. Just like Google merged its smartphone and tablet versions of Android, Redmond is planning something similar for Windows Phone and Windows RT. Julie Larson-Green confirmed this officially.

Device of the Week

If the past few affordable Windows Phone 8 handsets are an indication, then Nokia has unleashed a new beast in Lumia 525. A direct refresh of the most popular Lumia handset in existence, this new budget smartphone brings enhanced performance to the table with a full 1GB of RAM.

Race of the Week

Talks about the next Microsoft CEO have toned down a bit these past couple of weeks. The reason for this probably is that the race seems to have entered the final lap. According to a new report, it is now between Satya Nadella and Alan Mulally for the hot seat. Surprises, however, are not ruled out.

Choice of the Week

First there were PCs, then laptops, then HDTVs, then smartphones, and now tablets. Every few years there is a new number one contender for the top gift choice. And a recent UK survey confirms that youngsters are well and truly into tablets. As if we had any doubts!

Construction of the Week

Microsoft and fancy buildings. You can’t separate the two. The technology titan is now on track to start constructing a massive new headquarter in Germany early next year. Expected to be completed by summer 2016, this building will be Microsoft’s second largest office in the Old Continent.

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