Guess what is the big news this week? Go on, take a while guess! Microsoft has just unleashed, what is in all probability, its biggest product for the year, Windows 8.1. Windows 8 loyalists can download it from the Windows Store for free, and the new operating system is now also available on retail outlets.

Here are some of the biggest stories of the week, most of them centered on Windows 8.1:

News of the Week

Windows 8.1 is the latest version of Windows, one that improves upon almost all aspects of Windows 8. To what extent it manages to win people over will be evident in the weeks to come, but the new OS has taken flight and is now available wherever operating systems are sold. Or downloaded, for that matter!

Statistics of the Week

Now this is one statistical figure that many people wanted to know, many a moons back. Just how much of a market share will Windows 8 rake up for itself when Windows 8.1 launches? Well, StatCounter claims to have an answer, and it is 7.65 percent, worldwide. Not too shiny, but not too shabby either.

Rumor of the Week

Microsoft claims work on Windows never stops in the company, and this is one guarantee you can take to the bank. But with Windows 8.1 now out in the wild, many eyes are now on what the future holds for the Windows platform. One rumor claims that the company plans to push Windows 9 to early 2015.

List of the Week

Or should it be said, not-so-secret list of the week! Most other things have taken a back seat to all this Windows 8.1 hoopla. But it is worth remembering that Microsoft is in the process of scouting for a new CEO, and the Wall Street Journal has revealed a list of candidates that are in the running.

Announcement of the Week

While Windows Phone news has been in the background these past few days, Microsoft did make a major announcement earlier this week and made the Update 3 (previously known as GDR3) official for its fledgling mobile platform. And heavens to bitsy, it comes with some cool new additions.

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