Welcome to Windows 9 Update

Welcome to Windows9update

Welcome to Windows9Update. The most comprehensive source for Windows 9 news, updates and information.

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    • della

      i cannot drag my files to other folders

  • Lukas

    Well, windows 8 is on its way, soon it will be time to start looking for leaks from windows 9, cant wait!

  • shirley lewington

    I just allowed my PC to add Explorer 9.
    My home page has remained as usual, but I have lost my ‘Favourites’ option.
    How can I get it back, because it’s important to me.

    • Sshortguy1

      you have to import them to your new browser

  • Nafisa Noorani

    Hi there, had the same problem and just fixed it.
    To the right of the toolbar are 3 logos, the centre one being a yellow star. Click on it and then click on the favourites tag. The first option is “Favourites Bar” and has an arrow on the right. Click the arrow and it automatically attaches the favourites to your toolbar.
    Hope this helps.

  • Alaba

    these is a welcome development…

  • Michael Mina

    Could you please tell me where the print facility is on the Windows 9 set up as I can’t find it.

  • Letta Meinen

    I downloaded Windows 9 and now cannot use the videos as Adobe is not able to download them on Windows 9. How can this be fixed except going back to Windows ?. Help

    • Saravananct

      hello friend where u find the windows 9 link please send me that link and my mail id is [email protected]

      • Vince

        It’s god to hear from you. There is no link to Windows 9, because it is only in the planning stages .People who claim to be using Windows 9 are usually confusing it with Internet Explorer 9, which is a web browser.

  • http://naturalunseenhazards.wordpress.com Jerry Genesio

    I’m using Windows 9 because I received a message informing me that Windows 8 was responsible for my DSL connection problems. I don’t especially like Windows 9, and just figured out where my favorites went to. Now I’m trying to find where all my RSS feeds went to. I need them for updated public health info. Can you help me out here STAT?

    • Anonymous

      Your probably talking of Internet Explorer 9. Windows 9 is probably in its infancy development stage.

    • Sshortguy1

      windows 9 isn’t out on the drawing board yet only windows 8 is windows 9 is only a thought not even made

  • http://mywindowshelp.com/ Windows freak

    Great information and straight to the point thank you !! will b

  • http://en.windows7sins.org/ Steve Ballmer

    Well I sure am impressed at all you people running Windows 9 before Windows 8 is even out. No doubt you think the little blue ‘e’ is the internet as well.

    • Lukas


  • http://www.thetechface.com VIVEK


    • http://twitter.com/GlobalOneOnline GlobalOneAlliance


    • Anonymous

      No one even knows the release date of Windows 8 yet.

  • http://r.com rabih

    pleeeez give me the site to download windows 9 prety pleez

    • Lukas

      Windows 9 is not released yet. Were still waiting for Windows 8 RTM.

  • http://www.article-inside.com Robinson Chiu

    When i search windows 9, come across here, intersting.

  • Urkel Snurkel

    what a bunch of liars

  • giampaolo


  • giampaolo

    that’s ok

  • Lukas

    It would be nice to get a discussion forum going so we can start our Windows 9 rants before Windows 8 is released :).

  • http://www.win9cn.com chinese

    I come from China,
    If possible, the windows 9 release.
    We can do a link.
    Our site is http://www.win9cn.com
    Called “Win9 House”!
    Thank you

  • Vince

    The rumors about Windows 9 being released in 2014 are only intelligent guesses. None of these rumors originate with Microsoft.

  • Anonymous

    People please understand the difference between Windows 9 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 9. One is an operating system, the other a browser.

  • Vince

    It’s a common mistake on this and other forums to confuse Windows 9 with Explorer 9. Windows 9 is an operating system that is only in the planning stage. Microsoft is concentrating on Windows 8, but they do have people already working on the next OS.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Flash-Bandicot/100002854430724 Flash Bandicot

    it was so fast

    • Vince

      Good to hear from you, Flash, but we aren’t sure what you’re talking about.

  • suyash

    when will it come

  • sdgsdf

    Good call getting in there early. We know that Windows 8 is another OS where Microsoft will make a whole raft of changes that make everyone miserable (just like Vista) and that in 9, they’ll correct all the mistakes they realise they made from user feedback and do what they should have done in the first place.

  • Huntingbr

    If I ahve to wait to get 9 can I still use Vista till 9 comes out? Or will MS take more money by making us buy both 8 n 9

  • bhadresh

    hello friend where u find the windows 9 link please send me that link and my mail id is
    [email protected]