Well this is embarrassing, a Windows 8 desktop concept that’s a little too impressive?


So this is a case of very bad timing..

The Windows 8 Consumer Preview is coming out really soon and we’re getting ready to install it on tablets and start the rejoicing and then…this.

A user from the Verge Forums called Sputnik 8 put together a really great series of Windows Desktop concepts that are VERY impressive.

His words..

This is a desktop concept that I’ve recently put together for fun. I thought I’d post a few screens to see what people here think. The screens include variations of explorer, ie (with a quick redesign of windows.com and bing), media center/player, and skype. Note that I didn’t aim for the design to be completely consistent with what MS calls ‘metro’ (for instance, I specifically didn’t want loops around icons, among other things). Anyway, click on the images to see the full versions.

The images are gorgeous and clean and show a possible direction that the Windows 8 Desktop could have gone in.

He mixes Metro concepts with very clean design to make a sexy hybrid desktop.

Kind of makes you wonder if the upcoming Windows 8 release will be as clean and inspiring?

Check out the images below..

What do you think?

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