What are Viewsonic smoking? – Windows 8 Tablets in Q2 2012?

This I don’t get at all..

Digitimes is saying that ViewSonic plans to launch Windows 8-based tablet PCs in the Taiwan market in the second quarter of 2012.

This according to Max Liu, product marketing director of ViewSonic Asia Pacific.

The Windows 8 model will come with a 10-inch display with high resolution initially, Liu noted.

ViewSonic offers a complete lineup of tablet PCs in the Taiwan market, with its ViewPad 10 being the first model supporting both Windows 7 and Android in the local market, Liu claimed.

Maybe they plan to release Windows 8 Compatible tablets as opposed to Windows 8 Tablets?

While it would be cool to have Windows 8 released to manufacturing early, I seriously doubt Q2 is doable. This also (obviously) conflicts with the Fujitsu Roadmap revealed earlier today.

  • Penta2100

    No, its happening in Q2

  • http://www.JVE.biz/ Rug Ratz

    Maybe the tablets are upgradeable and come preloaded with Windows 7, with a free upgrade to Windows 8?  I remember when Win 7 laptops and desktops first came out, they were doing that with Windows Vista/XP loaded, with a free certificate to Win 7, at Costco and Best Buy.