All the talk about Windows 8 has been cool but there has been one component of the discussion that has not received a lot of attention.

What business value will Windows 8 add to the discussion?

We have looked at a lot of the features of Windows 7 and even a lot of the Windows 7 deployment tools but it’s time to take a critical eye and look at what Windows 8 should have.

What do you think is missing from Windows 7?

What business features would you add to the Windows mix if you could?

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Onuora Amobi is the Founder and VP of Digital Marketing at Learn About The Web Inc. Onuora has more than a decade of information security, project management and management consulting experience. He has specialized in the management and deployment of large scale ERP client/server systems.

In addition to being a former Microsoft MVP and the founder and editor of, he is the CEO of a Pasadena based online marketing education startup - Learn About The Web Inc. ( and The Redmond Cloud (

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  • Manuel Tokmakjian

    i am a huge fan of windows and love to be alwys updated, but there is time i just wish some of the old stuff are back, for example windows MOVIE MAKER was one of the greates application microsoft could have put in Windows but with the release of Windows 7 it disappeared, why should such a great windows not have the stuff we like use and enjoy the most, furthermore windows vista had cool graphics regarding the menu bar in windows explorer while windows 7-s is so simple which is kind of cheap for such a great window, moreover the new media player of windows 7 is so complicated and lesss effecient regarding to media player 11 vista and i’m not talking aout the speed but about the options the shortcuts the menu bars 7 misses all it can’t be all in a left click! ad yet vista had great app.s that windows 7 misses for example windows mail, windows sidebar with a background, the DREAM SCENE which 75% of my frineds enjoy, yes 7 is fast but if fast will make me lose all those cool app.s i prefer not to be updated and stay with my vista ultimate sp 2, i would really like to see huge difference in windows 8 i want to see a perfect crstal clear app loaded windows vista mixed with windwos 8, inform me about all your latest rerleases.
    yours truly and no1 fan and cstomer Manuel Tokmakjian ([email protected])

    • xinu

      I have to agree on some points, although Im not sure what business value dreamscene and movie maker would add to windows ;).

      I was disappointed to see dreamscene gone from windows, although there is a utility which allows you to play video files inside your desktop which works just like dreamscene ( i dont remember the name of it but a quick google search should do if your interested ). Also I think you can download windows movie maker through Microsoft live services, I dont know whether thats an older version, but I think its good their giving people the option whether or not they want it installed, again have a look on google or windows live website and you should be able to get windows live, mail, photo for windows 7.

      In terms of adding business value / features to windows 7, I don’t think its necessary. Especially since it will only bloat the consumer os, most people don’t need or want business/enterprise features in their standard os. This is why Microsoft has different versions, (i.e. home, professional etc.). I think Microsoft should focus on developing their home sharing / file sharing capabilities in their os, and add more features which make it simpler to link and interact with other computers in the house, especially for gaming, image sharing, email and file sharing etc.. It would be really nice to see a feature where you can keep the families photo album on microsofts live photo app synced with all your pc’s, or have your important document folder synced to your user account via windows live, or have some sort of simplified active directory system integrated into the os, possibly through a home windows server.

      I dont think its as much as adding business features as much as integrating whats already being used in business and making it simple for normal people at home to use it.

  • Lhincks

    Simply going back over the inglorious history of Microsoft, it would seem that they are only capable of making a useful OS every second time. From Windows 95 onwards, every second upgrade (of the same system, with the same flaws embedded) is rubbish. My advice is to wait for Windows 9, when the may have fixed the errors in Windows 8. Basically,for what they are and the resources they have, Microsoft are either negligent or incompetent or a combination of both.

    Windows is without par for market penetration and the cost is exorbitant, yet they still manage to put out absolute rubbish like VIsta, Millennium et al.