Windows 8 was a dramatic change for many users. There are still many people out there saying that the change is too rapid, too much. On top of it is the drama surrounding Windows Blue and how it might add even more changes to Windows 8.

Are people panicking for nothing? I personally think so. While this might be up for debate, I personally don’t believe Microsoft is stupid. They have made big mistakes in the past sure, but I don’t believe that Windows 8 is one of them.

Most of the issues regarding Windows 8 isn’t that is that bad, or that it has blue screens or any other stability problem. The issues are that things are in new places. You don’t shut down the same way, you don’t do ____ the same way, or _____.

As for the future of Windows? We hear several different extremes. Some say that Microsoft is going to scrap the Start UI and focus on its roots. Others say that the desktop will die in Windows 9.

Rumors claiming things like Windows 9 removing the desktop sound intriguing, but it’s not going to happen (at least not for many, many more years). I don’t know what Blue is, but I suspect we are working ourselves up over nothing. As for Windows 9? I suspect it too will be a subtle upgrade.

Sure, there will be changes and improvements. There won’t likely be a night and day shift like there was between 7 and 8, though. The change will instead be more like Windows VISTA and Windows 7.

Honestly, as much as people hated Vista– it wasn’t that bad. Most of its problems stemmed from early optimization issues and a general “belief” that it was awful. It’s amazing how much the power of perception can play into something.

So what will Windows 9 change? I don’t have a crystal ball on hand, but I’ll take a guess at least. Here are some things I think should be changed:

Minimizing the need to go into the desktop.

Right now, we use the desktop in Windows 8 not just for legacy apps but for many of the defraging and maintenance tools that are required to maintain a machine. This is confusing. Users don’t know when they need to be in the desktop and when they need to be in the Start UI. This is especially frustrating for Windows 8/RT tablet users I’d imagine

Metro-ized Settings and Panels

In line with my first point, I think control panel and system settings will be fully merged into the Start UI’s settings– with no need to go to the desktop for these kinds of settings.

Improvements to charms and transition bars.

Basically any changes to areas that will make the switch from desktop to Metro/Start less jarring.

Overall speed improvements

Like Windows 8, I expect Microsoft will offer continued speed improvements and optimizations when Windows 9 does arrive.

I’m sure there will be other changes, but the bottom-line is that a great deal of Windows 9’s features will likely be about changing how people feel about Start UI by making the transitions involved more seamless and less Frankensteinian.

What do you feel needs to be changed with Windows 9? Do you agree with my suggestions for change or not?

As for Windows 8, do you feel that people will be thinking differently (more positively) in the next 6-12 months or will the perception of it being too different haunt it for the rest of its days?

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  1. to be honest I love windows 8 and I have been using it since they released the trial downloads of it. the metro menu is cool exciting and windows did need the change. I honestly don’t see why people are complaining about the metro menu as mobile phones have been going this way for ages. I do agree but windows 9 will probably make a lot of the improvements you have spoke about.

  2. I agree that it will be more like vista-7. Vista introduces Aero, 7 perfected it. Now Windows 8 introduces Metro, and, I hope, windows 9 will totally perfect it.

    It would be nice to see many of the things you talked about. They have done a lot of things to make things more complicated. 2 control panels, 2 different interfaces, etc. I hope another thing they do is make better start screen backgrounds. Now I know it’s getting really annoying to hear people complaining about it constantly, but I think they should make the desktop and StartScreen backgrounds the same. It would be a lot less jarring. I also think they should change the desktop interface. They could just add Metro font, change the right-click menus to look more Modern UI, tweak the desktop icons, and so on. If the desktop interface looks more metro, people would be less likely to criticize on that point.

  3. are we really gonna talk about windows 9 already….. I think win 9 changes will depend on how win 8 does in the next 18 months… but if win 8 is a success yeah I think it will be like you said and much more…. people are still completely missing the point here…. win 9 and 10 won’t be about OS and PC but about a ecosystem and a way of life…. by then a kid will get a cloud account with his name tag at the nursery within a week of birth…. while the internet revolution already happened its maturity stage is yet to come…. internet and computing as we know it is like cars in the 30s sure everybody is starting to use one but look how far along we’ve come

  4. Metro, sorry “Windows 8 UI” WILL NOT die. It has now been brought to Windows Server 2013 its here to stay for while. Get used to it. Personally? I love it.

  5. I have been using windows 8 now for some time and have noticed many issues with it – the lack of start menu not being one of them. the biggest issue is the lack of compatability, not only with software, but also hardware problems. personally I wish I never bought it, let alone installed it.. a general consensus on many forums is that Windows 8 is very poor and actually a downgrade – but let’s face it, that’s not the first time. we had to wait for xp, to have a good os. then they released vista, of which had many bugs and problems. that got fixed with Windows 7 – another good os. now we take another step backwards with Windows 8. hopefully Windows 9 will do for windows 8, as Windows 7 did for Vista and I would advise anyone who asked me to “Stick with 7 and wait to see the reviews once 9 has been out for several months…”

  6. The metro menu is not an improvement for a pc. It actually limits what you can do. Instead of having everything I work with laid out alphabetically in a list, now I have to guess which category it is in. We have moved from having my computer and control panel side by side to steps away from each other. Why do we need to hunt for the shutdown button. A rational person would think this is important enough to be right out front. I don’t use most of the categories on the UI. I use my computer for work. I teach Microsoft application software classes at a community college. The ui is not intuitive. It is haphazard. Many of the sophisticated features of windows 7 actually have become somewhat cartoonish. If they want this to work with a tablet just make a switch that allows you to work with the alternate interface. I’ll quit ranting and go back to figuring out why Kaspersky won’t work with windows 8.

    David Rose

    • I think they would have better better just modeling it after Windows Phone. The only tiles that should have been on the main Metro screen were the ones that were equivalent to the icons the average user has on their desktop and taskbar or some of the ones on Windows Phone: browser, e-mail, desktop, media player, etc. There should have been an applications tile that is similar to clicking on the start menu or the right arrow in windows phone. They could have had a settings button that takes you to the control panel or to the “settings” you get to now. It would have made a much smoother transition from Windows 7. It would have been basically the same thing as using the old desk and start menu, a small number of icons plus one thing you click to get to all your programs. They should have at least released it with different sets of tile layouts. That say people would have an option of the simpler layout I just described. Another good addition would have been a key combination that is equivalent to the back button on Windows Phone or requiring a back button on all tablets. It’s the same issue you have with an iPad. Why would I want to go all the way back to the main screen when I just want to close the PDF reader or go one screen back?

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