So I’ll be going to the BUILD conference this September and I’ll be bringing you guys and girls the most current Windows 8 desktop/tablet/Phone and Server news.

I have a whole list of questions that I plan to ask if I bump into any pertinent Execs or managers from Microsoft.

My question to you all is what questions do you have that you want me to get answers for?

  • Is there a particular Windows 8 deployment question that you have?
  • Any Windows Server 8 integration concerns that you have burning questions about?
  • Or maybe you want to know more about Windows Phone 8 (Apollo)?

This is your chance, use the comment box below and ask your question.

Not only will I ask your questions at the BUILD conference but the top 5 most intelligent questions each get a $20 gift card payment – via Paypal.

Let me know, this is a great opportunity to get some of our questions answered.


About the Author

Onuora Amobi is the Founder and VP of Digital Marketing at Learn About The Web Inc. Onuora has more than a decade of information security, project management and management consulting experience. He has specialized in the management and deployment of large scale ERP client/server systems.

In addition to being a former Microsoft MVP and the founder and editor of, he is the CEO of a Pasadena based online marketing education startup - Learn About The Web Inc. ( and The Redmond Cloud (

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  • Wallyh Ahmed

    When is it going to be released? Is there a different release date for Windows 8 desktop than there is for server?

  • Richard Phillips

    Shit, thats easy. Are they scrapping .NET and Silverlight?

  • Richard chontos

    is windows 8 going to have the same file system as windows 7 ?

  • Eli Mor

    will xp programs still be compatable with the new windows 8? and will the desktop gadgets be included with the OS?

  • Richardjaychontos

    Could it be faster by changing the file system they use now ?

  • Richardjaychontos

    I think if they make it a smaller and lite i could be allot faster maybe?

  • Richard

    Will it be a better all around os or just a few changes?

  • Richard

     network setting are not good will this be fixed with windows 8 ?

  • Richard

    Can you let the user take more control in windows 8 ?

  • Richard

    Will there be a virtual machine for other os on windows  8 ?

  • Richard

    Can windows media player get some new things like an EQ  ect. ? 

    • FireRx

      hahahaha, there is an EQ  in WMP 12 and other things.  You have to minimize it then right click to see the enhancements.  then choose EQ, etc….

  • Aouameur

    -does he support xbox360 games
    -can he allow folder shortcut in task bar like xp
    what they give to pc gaming really and game developer facilities

  • Ben

    Since Windows 8 is supposed to work on desktops, laptops, netbooks, tablets, smart phones, et al… how will critical and important security patches, hotfixes, service packs, etc be deployed? Especially in light of caps imposed by ISPs.


    – How do you search from the start screen?
    – Will right clicking / long pressing pull up a jump list thingy from live tiles?

  • Dwexpress

    when beta versions are released will be able to upgrade to newer beta versions and final release candidates without having to do a complete system erase and going to a clean installation as each new beta and release candidate are offered? this seems to be a real pain sometimes and alot of people will not try beta versions and release candidates because of it unless they have another computer just for the windows 8 trials because after several reinstallations of other microsoft software like office they will use all of there allowed activations just reinstalling on beta and release candidate’s.

  • Baileystein

    Will the Windows 8 “Start” Screen have all of your applications listed? Or will only applications that support livetiles be there? What about older applications? Will the be just on the desktop. Also, are you going to  remove the desktop completly?

    If that is too long of a question just pick your favorite.

  • Owais_503

    since  they ( Microsoft) is going to put one os on everything will they be using the start screen since its good for touch and with mouse and keyboard. How will thay manage to use 2 different UI in windows 8 (its pretty confuesing) WHEN WILL THEY BE REALASING IT (windows 8)

  • Joseph Nadzan

    How is this Os going to be for gaming? As in don’t the live tiles use up a lot of processing power and with the way we have seen multi tasking in the videos, won’t that take up a lot of ram and processing power?


    Why doesn’t Windows 8 build macro capability into the OS? I’m not sure why we spend good money for the software and then have to buy supplemental software like Macro Express. Why can’t Windows build this capability into the software and have an ability to turn macros on and then let us enter macro commands into the menu command windows and then turn macros off to keep them there and functional.

  • tobias2011

    I’d like to know if Microsoft is going to follow through with their original thought to do ribbon interface throughout. I like ribbon and its functionality, but I think it will kinda look bulky in Windows Explorer.

  • tobias2011

    I’m also wondering if their going to use the new file system…

  • WahiawaCentral

    Thanks for the opportunity. My questions are not all that complicated but the answers will effect a lot of people.

    Will the upgrade process be easier than that for Windows 7?

    Will WIN7 systems have to be upgraded, or will the existing hardware suffice?

  • Dustyroads

    Windows Defrag
    Is Windows Defrag still dumbed down? I would like to see a progress report or a thermometer scale. Something that tells me were I am, what is happening & time left.

  • Mutaz

    In terms of questions, everyone’s got a lot of questions because its still in milestone stage and we are not told much about it.

    1. Now, they say that Windows 8 will be a 2in1 OS (desktop + The surface start screen UI). Will the same version be released to all devices or will it be device dependent, eg. the desktop machines only get the desktop version of Windows?

    2.I do remember some listed features as History Vault and Restore Machines Back to Factory State. This is similar to Apple’s Time Machine. Therefore, will it require another partition on its own to do this or will Windows manage all of them within the Windows partition?

    3.I am also very interested about the whole new concept of re-defining Windows. My question is, in the past, users can only upgrade from a version released one step behind not two steps. Eg. Windows XP users cannot directly upgrade to Windows 7. So now, if the hardware supports, will users be able to upgrade, say from Windows Vista to Windows 8?

    4. Apple has moved on to eliminate the CD-Drive. Their latest operating system can only be downloaded via the Mac App Store and the only other “recovery media” they provide is the USB recovery drive. What is the response from Microsoft? Will Windows 8 be sold on USBs or any other media as well?

    5. I mainly compare Apple and Microsoft because they are the only two major OS competitors in the market, so don’t get me wrong. Apple has re-defined their entire licensing system. Now, all you need to do is buy the OS once and you can install it on all you personally authorized Macs. Is Windows going to change its License system as well or would it be the same? Microsoft’s response will be very important as it will re-define the software budgets of people worldwide!

    That’s it! It’s really long and I have many other questions, but I thought I’ll stick to five!
    Thanks a lot for the opportunity Onuora! Regards,Mutaz

  • Rockmanzerozerozero

    1. Whether it will be a Full Metro UI or Aero and it co-exsisting?
    2. If there is ARM, how to install on existing ARM devices?
    3. Hardware compability?
    Install size?

  • Onuora Amobi

    These are all GREAT questions!

    Keep em coming!

  • GeekMommaRants

    My questions are as follows:

    1.  It is possible Windows 8 will provide native” sky-drive” backup  and synchronization functionality for all or selected files on the local hard disk to include the registry and application settings?

    2.  Is  it possible for all versions of Windows 8 to have virtual-server/PC  functionality, with the ability to purchase preloaded virtual images geared toward the consumer market?


    по чему вы не хотите сделать его под игры

  • Mangesh Kulkarni

    Will Windows 8 have the option of having multiple network profiles for different wireless network with easy way to switch from one to another…currently this is cumbersome when you move around a lot, and there are different network settings from location to location.

  • Dirk Goossenaerts


    Hereby my questions:

    1. will IE still support HTA files (HTML – Application) ?
    2. will IE  still be able to access ActiveX components (like the file system object) or will there be something similar ?
    3. will it be possible to manipulate (read/edit/save) Office documents via IE-Javascript?

    Thanks a lot in advance!

  • Robind

    I was a Windows 7 Ultimate user till I switched over to Windows 7 Eternity, as it is a much better os to the original, more fefined and with better options.

    My question:

    Will W8 have a 3D interface, Something that gives the user a more 3D effect, Working with W7 it is so one dimentional, yes it has Windows Switcher, but I had to load 3D cube,  Talisman Desktop 3.1 and I am still not happy with the looks, I want something that sticks out at me, something I could almost feel, Like if I was wearing 3D glasses.
    If Windows 8 can’t improve that interface, I will stay with W7 Eternity, Why waste money on something that is the same as Windows 7 Ultimate.

  • Sönke Behrendt

    Will Windows 8 have two different Sufaces for desktop pcs and tablets or just the new metro?

  • Siddhant Pathak

    according to rumors windows 8 would be able to run some of xbox 360 apps and games ?
    is that rumor true?cause microsoft could integrate those in windows as they have created xbox 360 platform and the world’s most powerful OS “WINDOWS”?
    i would be pleased if i get an 100% answer for it.

  • Jase Wolf

    How easy would you be able to arrange apps into catagorys? I would like something like iOS homescreen folders.

    Will Microsoft ever make windows support multitouch gestures from a multitouch mouse or trackpad Like macs do with the magic mouse/trackpad?

    Will Microsoft ever bring the system requirements of windows back down to as little as what Ubuntu requires? As 1gb ram minimum is still very greedy, what about those with less than 1gb ram? As there is still millions of xp users out there with old pcs that are not 1gb ram. Even on netbooks with 1gb ram, it would be awfully sluggish.

    How much faster will it be on minimum specifications than windows 7 on minimum specifications?

  • Jase Wolf

    Oh yea, also, will windows ever include registry defrag? As it is appalling that 3 party software has to give this, and alot of people don’t know about the registry, and that is why alot have ten minute or longer boot times

  • Danish


  • ♕Blackbird♕

    will windows protogon file system be supported on other operating systems, for instance will i be able to format a usb stick and get my files off on a mac or linux machine?

  • Konanyao

    There have already been a lot of interesting questions, thus i will just add those 4 ones:

    1. What are exactly the new features and the improvements of the U.I for desktops and laptops ?
    Because i will plan to use this O.S mainly on either desktops or laptops and i am really interested by the evolution of the U.I for these platforms.

    2.Will some features and capabilities of the UI be sensitive to the hardware power ?
    In others words will some new capabilities and some eye candy be activated if the GPU hardware is powerful enough ?

    3. Will the O.S be optimized enough to be fast and reactive on low specs hardware  ?
    In other words will it be fast,reactive and fluid enough on ARM hardware and low specs X86 devices ?

    4. What will be the licensing for Windows 8 ?

  • HoodWink

    I would love for the system at  sysprep to ask for hardware drivers instead of running driver scan and then sysprep to deploy to multiple machines

    • HoodWink

      different models machines to be clear

  • Sandra

    There are times when its extremely difficult to reinstall windows 7 from ones original cd, as the previous install has had updates added to it.

    Is there an easier way to do a clean install,  with xp professional its still easy to do a clean install.

    I dont know if with windows 8 that process of  reinstalling will be easier.  Do You

  • Tester8

    Will Business  upgrade or deploy fresh windows 8 OS within 1 year  and leave windows 7?  since Windows 7 is a great OS that work seamlessly and a lot of organizations still in the process of migrating from XP

  • Jasmine_mullai

    When will windows 8 appears.. Whether it has more advancement than Windows 7.. whats the reason for the release soon now after windows 7.?

  • UltimateTroll

    legacy programs should be recompiled or they will work with some kind of adapter program in order to work on arm architecture?

  • Damlakbao

    What does Window 8 make difference from other windows?

  • Sbates1712

    will they put internet acess on boot load as can be obtained nowadays by a lot motherboard manufacturers, as it allows a person to just surf the web, or if they wis they can load windows fully and use windows for all its possibilities.

  • Ethanwels

    Will Windows 8 be stable enough (unlike Vista) to replace all previous versions of Windows?

  • Ernesto Vallejo

    can I integrate my windows 7 to windows8 like a virtual windows 7? is windows 8 much expensive than windows 7 🙂 I hope not

  • win7to8

    In coming months how many hardware products going to run on windows 8… Is there any chance they would provide product list?

  • Rich

    How can I get RID of trusted installer. It’s keeping e from getting rid of old files and taking up a lot of space.

  • sameh

    Will it be a better all around os or just a few changes

  • Flavius

    Will Microsoft bring something new to the kernel so we will all have a safer PC? We are TIRED haunting and fighting daily lots of malware of all kinds.

  • Andrey

    Can you tell us more about 3D system in Windows 8? 🙂

  • Globalprintsinc

    In today’s modern, technological and advancing world; one is faced with the latest technology. Concerning Windows 8, how will it impact the current tech trends?  Will it have the latest security and not slow down a pc?

    Daniel Mahadeo

  • Globalprintsinc

    Will Windows 8 have a user friendly interface? Would it surpass our amazements with Windows 7 ultimate?

  • Globalprintsinc

    Will Windows 8 be compatible with portable devices?

  • Dustyroads

    The CHKDSK utility needs improvement, at present running in DOS, can take many hrs to run particularly with terabyte HDD’s crippling a computer.  The ability to multitask is required were we can work within Windows while running CHKDSK in the background.

  • FireRx

    Will Windows kernel finally take advantage of the unlocked Processors now? Unlike us beta testers Pleading with Microsoft during development of both Windows Vista, and Windows 7. We were told only 2% of the computing world overclocks.  Well, Now computers are overclockable in the mainstream. Also will it be compatible with uefi that replacing bios on newer boards?

  • Dustyroads

    Windows Sartup
    A startup utility would be good to see. Something that gives an itemised listing of what is in there. I look in there finding most of it is meaningless, not allowing me to fine-tune my computer.

  • Daniel Hansen

    Hi!My OS is Vista and want to upgrade to windows 7,now windows8 how do I find my feet? Onuora I am in the clouds.