Windows 8 tends to bring in a mixed set of emotions when you mention its very name to many ‘techies’ out there.

Some herald it is a new messiah that brings in a new age that will help the PC stay relevant in a world where PCs are loosing steam to tablets and smartphones. Others say it will destroy the PC and Windows as we know it, and that we should look forward to holding on to Windows 7 for another decade or so, just to avoid the travesty that is Windows 8.

I can’t say I’ve EVER heard of a version of Windows with more mixed emotions and opinions. Yes, there were Vista supporters and haters, but there a more clear-cut line on where people stood, with most standing against. Many technical folks, including myself, seem to dance back and forth on a fine line almost daily- do I love or hate Windows 8?

Ask me in two hours, I’ll probably have a different opinion then. Okay, that may be exaggerating a bit, but it seems that most of us are very undecided on Windows 8.

So what would help me, personally, become undecided and just simply support Windows 8? The biggest factor is that Windows almost seem like some awful Frankenstein monster, it has bits of Metro (like charms, etc) within the desktop but Metro also relies heavily on desktop for things like task management and more.

I don’t know if I’ll ever fall in love with Metro 100%, but I do know what bothers me about it right now. When I’m using Metro I constantly find myself being interrupted by the desktop experience. If I choose to use Metro than all task and file management should easily be able to get done within that environment no questions asked.

Honestly, I have less problems with Metro-like elements in the desktop than I do having to use the older desktop mode when I want to play around in Metro. The desktop feels old-fashioned next to the Metro UI and making tablet users, especially, have to experience that older feeling, non-touch environment for basic tasks is just a bad idea.

I want to be able to do EVERYTHING in Metro that I can do in desktop, except directly run regular desktop applications. The same pretty much should go for desktop, except directly running Metro apps, I want options as well, like direct booting to the desktop without the need for a 3rd party tool.

Do I need Windows start buttons or menus to be happy though? I’ve come to the conclusion that I have no reason to care about start menu in Windows 8. I simply want a more dependent Metro experience, when I want to use it. This might seem odd that I care about improving Metro when I find little need to use it. That’s because I see a lot of potential in Metro, I just feel like in its current form, it’s a little broken and not nearly as useful as it could be.

The more time I think about it, the more I feel that Windows 8 will do fairly well, long-term. Many will shun it at first, but in time it will win over users I believe. Service Packs could also easily address some of my own problems with Metro over the course of time.

What would you like to see that would make you more settled on whether you do or don’t like Windows 8?

Share your thoughts below.

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  • zulbia_bamie

    I have to agree with you in this one.
    recently you were busy bashing microsoft and their strategy and sometimes you were too harsh  and illogical.(sometimes you were right) “IMHO”
    this time you are right, IMO.
    1) metro and desktop worlds should become somehow independent from each other , it is important specially for tablets. (like what you said)
    2)or  metro and desktop should come together, and become more jointed. 
    the point is, windows 8 can not stay like what it is now.
    microsoft have to chose one of these ways.

  • 1stkorean

    Although I think you are a strong rotten fruit supporter and tend to bad mouth Microsoft way to often.  Then claim to be a supporter of MS.

    I think Windows 8 will do exceeding well on mobile devices and while not totally failing on desktops it will not do well in that environment. I am sure many will keep Windows 7 especially the older generation since they feel comfortable with it.

    I have 3 Android tablets which I like a lot, and am looking forward to getting a Windows 8 Tablet(s) when they become available.

    • Andrew_Grush

      I probably do bad mouth MS too much about Windows 8, though it’s not intentional, and I’m sorry if I come off as a jerk. I’m curious how well it well be accepted, that’s all. The Xbox 360 is one of my favorite electronic devices I own though. 🙂

      As far as Apple… eh… OSX is okay, I suppose. My big problem with Apple is they are well too frigin’ overpriced. This may come off strange to some, but I’ve NEVER really used iOS for more than a few minutes, so no real opinion.

      I have no desire to own a tablet, though my wife has an Acer Iconia Tab (Android Honeycomb) and loves it. I have a Samsung Repp (Android 2.3) phone though, and use Ubuntu 11.10 as my primary OS. My secondary OS is Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

      IF I get a tablet ever, I’ll go for Windows 8 more than likely. I actually think Metro, for tablets, looks great.I worry a tiny bit about the desktop side of things, but I’m sure in the end it will work out.

      • Onuora Amobi


        Andrew don’t take it too hard. I think the readers get your posts and my posts confused. A lot of Microsoft scrutiny on this site recently…

        • zulbia_bamie

          exactly , like myself.

  • Damianmcnasty

    What does MS have to do differently with Windows 8? First, have only metro and lose desktop. Second, drop the name and call it what it is – Windows Touch. Dedicate Windows 7.5 (add non-touch goodies from Windows 8) for the PC / Desktop market and Windows Touch (Windows 8) for the tablet and touchscreen market. Sell both side by side. Most desktop users are HAPPY with Windows 7 (so why change?) but almost all windows tablet slate users like me are UNHAPPY with it (we will change but we are a tiny part of the tablet market).

    • Timeparadox420

      name is not decided yet , for now they call it win 8 but change after final release

  • Edward Mader

    I copied this comment I posted under Andrew Grush’s article “I Forget, Who Exactly Is Microsoft Targeting With Metro/Windows 8 Again?”. To me this idea is quite fascinating and I want to know what other people think.

    Metro on touchscreen is not an issue – only Metro on non-touch screens.  I have a gut feeling that MS has a hidden agenda to include motion sensing in the first or second crop of Win8 desktop PCs that will be released at Q4.  I don’t think they are that stupid to release desktop PCs with Metro as the “primary” interface in the absence of something else (e.g. motion sensing) to justify Metro as the default mode of interaction.  To do that would be very dumb and disastrous considering all the complaints and criticisms the W8CP is getting from desktop/laptop users.  But then a Metro-fitted desktop with motion sensing is a different animal!  I don’t think MS is dumb or playing deaf to its critics – I would rather think that MS has this little secret and intends to surprise and impress us all earlier than we expect.  Perhaps, some technology writers/bloggers should explore this angle.

  • dchapin

    Metro for morons… desktop for work.


    Well all, I’m gonna say this. First and foremost- Microsoft has been doing this for decades by releasing OS’s to the world forcing the end-users to either roll with the wagon or get rolled over. In the end, you accept the new changes or you cross over to another platform (Mac, Linux, etc.). I personally love Microsoft and Apple- but I’m more on the MS side of the barn. However, when the new changes roll out for MS I always openly accept; reason being is because I love change… I accept CHANGE. Most of the ill comments come from those who hate change- don’t hate change change is good (for the most part anyway). Besides, you’ll wind up accepting later on anyway- Microsoft has this wonderful knack for making that happen trust me it’s been like that for years and those who have been around from the beginning of the techno-boom know exactly what I’m talking about. I say all that to say this: Given the not so well performance by Vista (which wasn’t so bad after the patches), Microsoft has done well with pacifying us and carrying the technology market on their back for so long. I don’t own a single touch device but I am content with the arrangement they have now with metro and desktop. Indeed, in the future when I do purchase a tablet it most certainly will be Windows 8 Metro and probably ipad as well- gotta have the best of the both worlds you know. Techy’s out there, don’t take everything so “lemon tongued”! I mean, I believe Microsoft has learn from their mistakes and would only make this change for the better with us in mind of course- they wouldn’t wanna market another operating system that the user doesn’t want… that would be so not smart- and we all know that Microsoft is smart because they have smart people like us behind them! o(._.)o