Well, well, what have we here! A new lightweight version of Microsoft’s operating has just been spotted, going by the name of Windows 10 Lean.

Early details are few and far between, but it appears that Redstone 5 could bring more changes to Windows 10, not just in terms of features and improvements but how the operating system is actually offered to users.

A Twitter user has made this discovery, which shows that a new version of Windows 10 currently called Lean is in existence.

And it does what it says on the tin, offering users a stripped-down variant of the OS, without the unnecessary packages that are available on other, more mainstream versions of Windows 10.

Take a look at this installer screenshot of Windows 10 Lean:

Windows 10 Lean Installer

This installer started shipping with build 17650 for the Skip Ahead channel of the Fast ring of the Windows Insider Program. And it is heavily cut down, with the clean install of the x64 variant coming in at a notable 2GB less than the Pro one.

To get to this level, Microsoft removed a lot of stuff from the core system.

In fact, not even a wallpaper is offered by default in Windows 10 Lean, while apps like the Registry Editor are missing. Though luckily, they can easily be imported, and the OS does not come with any restrictions regarding Win32 software installation.

A lot of speculation on what exactly Windows 10 Lean is.

An obvious one is that this could be part of the Windows 10 S, or the S Mode project that Redmond is working on. Even though this does not appear to be the case right now.

On the other hand, Microsoft was said to be working on a trimmed version of Windows 10 called Polaris, which would have been used on the new mobile device the company was planning. But that was supposed to come without the support of Win32 components.

Which is not the direction this Windows 10 Lean seems to be taking.

A rather interesting conundrum then, this.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Gregory C Newman / April 24, 2018 at 7:19 pm /Reply

    I think that Microsoft should make an updated Version of Windows 7 that of course has no
    tiles to be used with all devices that do not have a touch screen at all. Many Millions of folks want the version of Windows with no tiles and uses the Old start menu. If Microsoft wants some huge fast cash all they have to do is sell this version call it Windows 10 D “D” stands for Desktop.Frankly i will stay with Windows 10 Pro but there are Millions of people who would buy a new version of Windows 7 called Windows 10 “D” that looks lile and works like windows 7 the only thing you could add to to it is the windows 10 store and the ability to
    access and Progressive Web Apps and Universal Windows Apps

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