An even bigger question here is that who thinks up these names? From Windows RT to Windows RT 8.1, this is a naming scheme that while very interesting, makes total sense.

You may well be aware that Microsoft is currently working on Project Blue, a companywide initiative to enhance its products range, including its latest Windows 8 platform. Though there has been little news to suggest this, but Windows RT is also an operating system that is getting a revamp.

We already covered how this upcoming update to Windows RT was referred to in the recently leaked Windows 8.1 build 9374, which included the reference to Windows Server 2012 R2 as well.

The image above was revealed in a tweet posted by Windows4Live:

“Windows Server 2012 R2 name confirmed by this file basebrd.dll.mui ! Also Windows 8.1 RT review revealed.”

No specifics are available on what sorts of a makeover Windows RT 8.1 is going to receive, but chances are that Microsoft will look to bring most of the improvements it has planned the desktop version (Windows 8.1) to this upgrade to RT.

And it stands to reason that there may be some exclusive enhancements as well — keeping in mind that ARM is on track to unleash the 64-bit variant of its platform later in the year.

Microsoft would be keen to refresh the Surface RT before the holiday season, and see other tablets based on the Windows RT platform from third-party hardware vendors as well. And while the current RT powered tablets deliver more than serviceable performance, there is still room for improvement.

Redmond may also work towards disposing off the desktop in Windows RT 8.1, and focus solely on the Modern UI, but this is a clearly something too soon to say with affirmation.

For now though, we only have this confirmation of the Windows RT 8.1 designation, along with the verification that the company’s tablet-oriented operating system is set to get an update that will be of interest to a lot of people.

Expect more on Windows RT 8.1 in the months to come, now that the OS has been spotted in the wild.

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