What happened to Windows 8 Server or Windows Server 2012?

Just a miscellaneous question out of the blue.

We show all the love to Windows 8 desktop editions but does anyone care about Windows 8 Server or Windows Server 2012.

It will be interesting to see if the UI from Windows 8 carries directly over into the Windows 8 Server Operating System.

Also from RedmondMag:

He also speculated about a 2013 release for an x64-based “Windows Server 2012” operating system, which similarly hasn’t been named or announced by Microsoft. Windows client and server operating systems now share the same code base, ever since Vista’s release. Consequently, new releases of both client and server Windows OSes might be expected to appear on the market at roughly the same time.

The possibility that ARM-based Windows Server products might eventually emerge wasn’t discounted by Cherry. However, he noted that nothing’s been announced by Microsoft.

The way things are going on the Client side, it looks like Windows 8 Server will be one beautiful operating system.