I finally got the new version of Chrome OS on my CR-48 and I have to say I’m impressed but not sure if its enough.

It does look more like an OS, though what I thought was a start menu is actually just a new tab button. It does have a button to open your apps and the taskbar has a Windows 8 look to it.

When you have a tab open it has an “X” to close and another icon to make the tab bigger or smaller, or minimize. Basically its easier to use and more visually pleasing since it doesn’t just look like you’re in a Chrome browser all the time.

I’m not sure if this will be enough to give Chrome OS the push it needs though.

Even though it’s better, it still lacking a true OS feel.

Basically the apps are plugins to the Chrome browser instead of real programs or apps, so you still can’t really do much more than you could with Chrome on your PC.

There isn’t a mail client other than the web based Gmail site or apps for gmail, even thought its nice to see they have offline support, Google docs is still lagging behind Microsoft Office and even OpenOffice. I still don’t really see who really needs Chrome OS, especially since tablets can do more and don’t cost that much more. Maybe if Google made it so Android can run inside Chrome OS that would help, but still unless you can buy a Chrome book for $200 or less I still don’t see people running to get one.

What I’d really like to see is Google go after Apple in the desktop OS market. I’d like to see them make a different UI for Linux (like Ubuntu did with Unity) or UNIX (like Apple did with MacOS) and make it easy to setup, use, update and install and uninstall programs, then maybe get some known third party developers to make programs for it (Adobe Photoshop for instance).

Google showed they can make a good mobile OS, so why not a desktop one. I seriously don’t believe high-end computers are going anywhere anytime soon. There will always be people who need PC’s with Core i7 processors and high end Nvidia or ATI graphics.

They shouldn’t try and go after Microsoft because Apple tried that on the desktop and failed, but I think they can go after Apple and succeed because they’re doing it on mobile devices.

If Google didn’t want to start from scratch they could buy Amiga OS or BeOS (Does HP own BeOS since they bought Palm?). No one knows these OS’ are being worked on and updated still and I think Google has the clout to get people to take notice.

I know what some of you are thinking “but no other OS has been able to come close to Windows or even MacOS.

Well thats because Linux for one is just beginning to be user friendly enough for the mainstream user (and it still has a couple versions to go).

Secondly there has been no marketing of Linux, or BeOS, regular people don’t know what it is. Amiga OS did well for a while, but except for the Amiga 500 they weren’t able to keep prices low enough to compete with Microsoft.

What do you think?

Have you used the new Chrome OS?

Do you think it has any chance to mean anything to the computer world?

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  1. BeOS is a failure and looked ugly. Chrome OS is waay more refined and I believe (since I own both google docs and openoffice) that google docs is way better since it interacts with google drive and i can make spreadsheets, documents, slides, drawings, and has a template market that i have contributed to. 

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