What is up with game developers and Windows 8?

What is up with game developers and Windows 8? They seem to be going bananas about both the Windows 8 user interface and the Windows Store.

First it was Valve, then Blizzard, then ID software.

Now it’s UK independent developer Introversion Software.

Their lead designer and developer, Chris Delay, stated:

If Microsoft manage to close Windows and get to the point where every app has to be approved and certified by them, it’s game over for a lot of indies, including Introversion.”
Delay also added his personal impressions of the new OS:

I’m skipping Windows 8 until Microsoft include an option to use the Windows 7 start menu, and reduce the metro interface to a program [like the] Control Panel. It’s like someone at Microsoft took their upcoming tablet interface designed for 7 inch touch sensitive devices, and insisted we’d want the same thing on our 24 inch monitors with mice and keyboards. No thank you Microsoft.”

Tough talk but I have to tell em, tough luck because Windows 8 is here and there will be a market and users who start buying tons of Windows 8 devices.

Adapt or die. It’s really that simple.



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