With Windows 8, Microsoft decided to introduce Windows Store.

Windows Store is a place from where you can download apps for your Windows PC.

There are however, some serious drawbacks in the UI of Windows Store as it’s currently implemented.

What are they?

Horizontal Scrolling

Till Windows 7, Windows has vertical scrolling. But with Windows 8, Microsoft have decided to introduce horizontal scrolling.

I don’t believe this is what the average user wants.

Scrolling horizontally is a pain in ass for the user. It is not natural at all.

Clustered Home page

When you click on the Store tile to open Windows Store, you are greeted with a number of tiles representing different categories of app.

This list is around 12 pages wide and the horizontal scrolling makes it so difficult to find the right category that you want.

The homepage of the store should be made a lot cleaner and easier to navigate through.


No Downloads for Desktop Apps

In Windows Store, desktop apps will be listed but they will not provide basic information such as reviews, size.

They will not be downloaded from the Store. So, what will the store do? It will just provide a link for downloading it via your browser.

This, I feel is not a good decision from Microsoft – they should provide the same way of downloading desktop apps as metro apps have.

This will help the Windows Store to grow significantly and even metro haters will start using it as they will get all their desktop apps at a centralized location.

A few days back, Onuora had explained how the store should like.

“It would be more attractive and intuitive. You could also neatly fit all the categories (Games, Social etc) onto the first page.” He added.

Windows Store is the future of Windows. It provides an easy way of installing apps on your Windows 8 PC.

I would like to see some changes in its UI as well as the way it works to make it more easier for the user.

Allowing the user to download desktop apps is one of them. They should make the homepage less clustered and instead of using big tiles and expanding the homepage upto 12 pages, they should come up with something nice and easy to use.

What do you think?

Should Windows Store UI be modified?

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  • 123321

    vertical scrolling is fantastic for touch-devices and even at your pc you get used to it. no problem with that. but they should add the ability of ‘scrolling’ when you just move the mouse towards the border.

  • xinu

    “Till Windows 7, Windows has vertical scrolling. But with Windows 8, Microsoft have decided to introduce horizontal scrolling.”

    agree, horizontal scrolling is a big drawback, especially since many of the icons in the store have a horizontal design / image which increases the distance you have to scroll.

  • techblogger

    I think its fine. It keeps in step with the metro design language as it should.

  • ECM2

    Scrolling and then touching – what can be more difficult?  What’s difficult to understand is how much tech bloggers are willing to sacrifice (in terms of reputation) for the sake of swerving people away from Windows 8 Metro.  Onura did it many times – and now Rishu.  We want Andrew back!

    • Windows98

      unfortunately they are right to do so. There are many things wrong with windows 8. Unfortunately touch on laptops and desktops is uncomfortable for long periods and really necessary. I mean really, why do you “need” touch on a desktop? Just so you can touch the screen? How lame. Windows 8 was built and designed for tablets and portable computers, not for desktops using a mouse and keyboard. You can view tablets and pc’s as two different generations of products, and Microsoft is correct to evolve windows, but they are not doing it right. 

      Bloggers criticise Windows 8 not to deter people from using it, but out of frustration that Microsoft is not listening. If windows 8 flops, Microsoft might never recover from the losses they will make.

      • techblogger

        Last check Microsoft’s developers is building the platform, not bloggers. (So far, I have yet to see a bloggers OS.)  I don’t see all the anixt for having Metro fused onto the OS. Metro is not difficult to use or to understand. If you want to only use the desktop, which from the sound of things you do, just do that. I’m running Windows 8 on both my desktop and laptop and spend the lions share of my time on the desktop. Looks and feels like Windows 7.  Because it is.  Photoshop, Word, Excel, MS Flight simulator, IDM, ISO burner, Zune, in fact everything runs from the desktop as normal. But if you want to vegg on the “consumption of content” in a very clean and efficient manor, hop onto Metro and do that.
        I’m beginning to realize from reading these blogs that many are simply comfortable with “stagnation.” There are those who believe that nothing will ever replace Windows XP or anything that will move them from their paradigm. In your case, Windows 98. :)An example, one well known video blogger that was doing a review on an android phone, spend the first 2 minutes of the video agonizing over the fact that he did not know which way to slide the lock screen. He repeatedly slid the lock screen in the wrong direction to make his point. But his beloved Iphone pointed the way. But again, I understand. There are some that still stuck in a time warp to the point they STILL dress up to look like Elvis. Some that continue to use IE6 because web pages continue to respond and some will NEVER replace Windows XP on the desktop. That’s just how it is. But many more of us are like Capt. Kirk. Looking to concur the next frontier.  Windows Phone and Windows 8. Change doesn’t frighten us. We embrace it.

  • NazmusLabs

    I agree with you on this, except the horizontal scrolling. I don’t know how I feel about horizontal scrolling yet. But everything else, I totally agree with you.

  • http://twitter.com/Tech_Gone_Wild Ezekiel Carsella

    i rather scroll horizontally

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5WJGC7242GFDP2QXANKF5WTMEA Rex

    In general, I think it is way too early to tell what is wrong with the app store.  Until there are a lot more apps, I wont know if it is hard to find what I am looking for.  As for horizontal scrolling and wide open spaces.  I dont see it as a problem.  My head got around it fairly quickly.  I do wish that MS would use the mouse push scrolling to be available for all apps like it is in the start screen.  It is a nice smooth gesture that seems to give tactile feedback.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kiranflys Kiran Kishore

    I disagree with you on the horizontal scrolling part… I believe that it is a very good innovation, though it will take some time for people to get used to it… Researches in reading and eye-tracking have shown that eyes can take in more visual information through horizontal movements than vertical ones… Hence, I believe this is a positive move…

  • David Todd