With complete understanding of the fact that things like these take time, I ask, where is the Promised Land? I am, obviously, referring to the reported redesign of the Windows Store.

News came out earlier this month, right after BUILD 2014, actually that Microsoft was planning to revamp the Windows Store alongside the release of Windows 8.1 Update. This isn’t the first time the company would have refreshed the apps repository, of course.

But from the visuals that came out, it sure looked a like a pristine redesign.

Here take a look at it yourself:


While in its current state, the Windows Store works quite nicely. Not as good compared to the bright and lively design of the original, in my opinion, but all the information is in the right place.

This proposed redesign, however, looks neater and more balanced.

More importantly, it looks like this is designed with mouse and keyboard users in mind, with more app icons (or tiles) on a single screen than what is currently available.

Which brings me to this question. Have any of you guys seen these new changes (that were detailed in a video posted on Channel 9) after deploying Windows 8.1 Update? Or is this something that is still under final testing and might only go live at a later date?

Mystery, mystery.

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  1. I still have the windows 8.1 version.

  2. The store design didn’t change yet.

    • Philip Paulson / April 18, 2014 at 8:18 am /Reply

      Thanks, appreciate the update.

      So it’s pretty much the current design for everyone. Makes me wonder when (and how exactly) will Microsoft change it when they do.

  3. Hopefully it comes soon

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