As we go into the weekend, I have a very simple question to ask you guys and girls.

For those of you who plan to purchase a Microsoft Surface Pro later this month when it’s released, my question is why?

Not a joke and no insult intended.

I’m just curious about the different reasons people are interested in the Surface Pro. On this website, I have seen aΒ tremendousΒ amount of expressed interest about this upcoming device.

People seem to be waiting for the Pro because of it’s ability to run legacy apps, better screen size, stylus etc

I’m curious to know what you plan to use a Surface Pro for.

Would it replace your current laptop? Do you plan to use it as a Tablet? Maybe you plan to plug it in to a monitor and use that as your primary PC when you’re home.

Use the comments below and let us know.

Have a great weekend.

About the Author

Onuora Amobi is the Founder and VP of Digital Marketing at Learn About The Web Inc. Onuora has more than a decade of information security, project management and management consulting experience. He has specialized in the management and deployment of large scale ERP client/server systems.

In addition to being a former Microsoft MVP and the founder and editor of, he is the CEO of a Pasadena based online marketing education startup - Learn About The Web Inc. ( and The Redmond Cloud (

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  1. To replace my laptop for sure. I have concern about the screen size but we’ll see how it goes..

  2. I think that I’ll be able to dock it to my screens at work. It’ll be nice to take it to from my desk to meetings.

    I am hoping that scenario can work. If the stylus can take notes during my meetings, I will be IN LOVE.

  3. Q.I already have an iPad, Laptop and iPhone – all synced. What benefit to me would justify the outlaying of more cash to purchase this?
    A. Cant think of any.

  4. Because I liked my RT which I have now sold on because I always planned to buy the Pro because I like the form factor, the specification, the fact that it can run legacy apps. Yes it will replace my laptop and be my main development tool and toy….

  5. I have a iPad, but want to replace it with this as I prefer windows, already running windows 8 on my pc, would be great to have a tablet that is the same os, and want a Nokia windows 8 phone, hopefully then will be able to sync them all. iPad is a pain in the arse just hope this will be better, would love to test one first

    • Full hardware integration.

      Sounds great!

    • I mostly agree. I intend to sell my iPad, iPhone 3GS, my iPods Classic, and Nano and get a tablet Surface Pro, at least to test. I bought the Surface RT and returned it within 15 days. It wasn’t a terrible machine, but not even as useful as my iPad 2. I want the ability to have a tablet that connects to my external keyboard, mouse, 27 inch monitor, and external drive, which will also run the software and hardware I use every day with few, if any, compatibility issues.

  6. Because I don’t like iPad or andriod

  7. I think my wife might use the Surface pro the RT does not run the apps she want to use..Maybe I will install windows 8 on my dell note book. but will keep Windows 7 on my main computer….

  8. We want it for testing in a Windows Server 2012 corporate environment. BYOD has created so many security holes and allowed users outside of security policy to connect and borrow / steal company owned data. We need devices that we can manage within corporate policy. We are testing the whole ecosystem — Win 8 Pro on desktops and laptops, and Lumia and WP8 to see how we can manage them from the network. Very anxious to test Surface Pro.

  9. I would like to see what the next year brings before purchasing a surface tablet.

  10. Music! To use the pgms that I have made related to the keyboards and fretboards (PSG). Mount it as a tablet on the instrument. Any kindred spirits feel free to contact me.

  11. I will be getting a pro for myself and an RT for my wife. Reason: I want to use it for work and fun and hopefully replace my laptop which currently also doubles as my desktop with an extra monitor and mouse. And for my wife an RT because she just uses internet and office and she is enjoying the metro experience. (She will keep her laptop anyways for programming and web developing).
    It will have to wait a bit more though (cash flow)… In the meantime living the W8 experience in our 3 older lap tops and truly enjoying it. I already have my WP7 and I will be upgrading to WP8 hopefully this weekend and pass this one to my wife and graduate her android phone for good… πŸ˜€

  12. Mainly stylus for note taking

  13. I am interested in one but depending on the price and if it supports duel screens docked to it. I would use it to replace my work laptop. Easier portability for travel and I need to be able to run my legacy work apps. So if Microsoft delivers what I need at a reasonable price then yes! Soon!

  14. I am not the biggest fan of the windows 8 infrastructure, and this is due to the fact that I have not had the luxury of running W8 on a pc with touch screen. I would even give it another thought, but they did design it for touch screen infrastructure. This being said I think I would really like W8 running on one of these Microsoft Surfaces. I like to portability. It will be another big plus if I can write javascript code on a Microsoft Surface with ease (currently studying this for school). I wonder how well various web browsers are going to work on this tablet computer.

  15. Don’t plan on it right away >> currently over-valued! Later when prices go down.

    • bewildernessbeached1 / January 11, 2013 at 6:18 pm /Reply

      Agree, the price will have be lowered….over valued right now!

    • while I understand the opinion… this is plain false… if anything tech and computer tech in particular has been undervalued for the past decade or so…..
      if it’s of any indication the quality of manufacturing has been going down with the price…. people are so eager to get stuff for dirt cheap when it is almost brand new tech, that quality took a big hit…. best exemple are HDD…. I think todays HDD have reach the degree of craptastic level… the only way to find a good one is to look into Enterprise Class HDD to find something decent…. and they usually cost a bit more…

      so yeah you might feel that way, but at 899 it is undervalued when you keep things objective and take specs in consideration…. that it is perceived as too pricey for mass market is an other debate…. but you definitely get more for your money than you should at that price… no doubt

  16. When I shop for products I look further than specs and the device itself and look at the company. I feel that Microsoft cares more about the customer than most other companies. now moving onto the product itself. I love the features on this device. USB 3.0 built in, kickstand, videoport, and magnesium case. I can tell they wanted something that didn’t require you to buy accessories to accomplish these simple tasks. I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  17. I’ve already sold my useless iPad, and can’t wait to buy the Surface Pro.

  18. I would buy a Surface Pro because it runs Windows and my desktop and laptop are in dire need of replacement. I could hook it to my monitor when I want to sit up, or carry it to the couch or the bedroom when I want to lie down πŸ™‚

  19. …Because it is Microsoft’s reference device for Windows 8 implementation.

  20. The redeeming feature on the Surface will be whether Access Applications can be ported from Microsoft Office to run on the tablet. This would allow developers like myself to have an alternative device smaller than a full laptop. While rumored, there has been very little information as to whether this will be a capability on the Surface. Microsoft has a bad history of forcing redevelopment. If I have to redevelop anything, I will just bite the bullet and do it for IOS.

  21. Yes, I do plan to purchase it. It will be the best w8 product on the market. In most cases, I opt for the most reasonable solution, but in this case, I am going to opt for the best.

  22. I will be buying one. I am a copier tech and need to be mobile with my technology. I have the Surface RT and Nokia 920 and love them both. There only a few facets of my job that the Surface Pro will be adding but I love the whole platform.

  23. i just use desktop pc so forget to talk about new-fangled device. We will see if MS gets over with this item Surface P. Good luck Microsoft.

  24. I would never buy iAnything, however I do have 2 Android Tablets Samsung Galaxy Tab10.1 & Asus Infinity 700 which I love and cherish, both can make it from Seoul to LA/San Francisco on a charge, BUT, when a Windows device is introduced I just feel it is my duty since cutting teeth on Windows 95, my Desktop (Win7Ult), Laptop (Win8Pro – absolutely Love it), and phone (WP7) are Windows devices. It just stands to reason I get a Surface Pro and make gifts out of the Android devices.

    Having the Surface Pro would lighten the load in my baclpack, and you may question the battery life well Asiana & Korean Air have electrical plugs under the seats infront of your seat, battery problem (if there is one) solved.

    Expandibility is a big Pro neither IOS nor Android are expandable. The ports make Surface more attractive, then add the kickstand, and type cover they eliminate the need for the added expense of the folio cases at $50. +

    The case of the iThingy, when I spend my $500.00 USD (β‚©528,375.00 KRW) on a device I don’t entend to share it with the manufacture. Everything you put on an iToy has to come thru the app store, music, video, app etc. Hell it is my device why can I put on it what I want, why do I need approval from some rotten fruitloop. Furthermore if I want to look at porn that is my business not some holly than thou dead guy.

    Anyway thanks for this opportunity to have my say. Read your site daily,


  25. Versatility – tablet, notebook & desktop. Most of my time is spent wordprocessing with some image processing and the specifications that have already been released seem to me to meet my needs.

  26. no, the cost it to high

  27. We are going to test a few of the Pros with our Point of sale software. If it works out, we could be using them for better mobility in our school system environmental while serving food to the students.

  28. Dan The Man MacBrand / January 11, 2013 at 5:51 pm /Reply

    First not interested till I have AMD variant available.Second NFW would I invest in Intels variant.That’s like saying Apple.So yes I would Buy but only Amd variant and less than $600 w/keyboard…………Damn I guess won’t be buying anytime soon!!!!!!!!!

  29. Great question. If I had a Surface, I would only want to run touch apps from the Windows store on it, so I’d take the RT first.

  30. Hi … I think the Windows 8 or Android tablet format (true iPad competitor) is for Content consumption and not Content creation — simple, cheap with long battery life & GREAT Apps. A $899 Surface Pro — No, No, No; but a $299 Surface RT with Great Apps —Yes, Yes, Yes!!!

  31. I have been using Windows 8 on my desktop, laptop, and tablet for over a year now– all 3 previews at first then Win8Pro since the first day it was released. The desktop is a custom-built AMD Phenom X4 workstation with 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD– not cutting-edge but certainly capable of running all PC games (I hardly play games anymore). Total cost for this machine is about $500 since I upgraded during the Black Friday sale. The tablet is a 2-year old 11-inch Acer Iconia W500. I bought it used from ebay for $300 and replaced the preloaded Win7 with Win8 – first the previews but now its running a full legal copy of Win8 Pro which I was able to download for $15. I also upgraded the SSD from 32GB to 128GB for $100. Total cost for this Win8 tablet is $415. My phone used to be a Win7.5 phone (HTC Titan) but I gave this to my son and upgraded to the Nokia Lumia 920 (Win8phone) for $50 (with contract). I like this phone because of win8, wiring charging (tell you, once you experience this you will develop an aversion for usb cords), excellent camera that takes pics in low-light settings (don’t we usually use our phones for this purpose to post pics on FB?), and (surprise) it’s size and weight (Onuora and many others consider its weight a negative but I like it better when I know I have something on my palm). Add the money I spent for the three essential hardware (excluding other expenses e.g. contract/subscriptions, app downloads): $500 + $415 + $50 = $965. Now, do I still need a Surface Pro or another 10-inch win8pro tablet? I don’t think so. Perhaps, the fourth win8 device I should have is a 7-inch tablet, a win8pro phablet (to replace my phone), and/or a 20-inch (or greater) win8pro tab-top hybrid or whatever the heck they decide to call it later.

    • correction: wiring=wireless. dunno how to edit comments after they have been posted

    • Cool. Thanks.

      I have heard a lot about folks wanting the 7 inch form factor.

      • I’m an MD who go from one hospital to another wearing a white coat with BIG EMPTY POCKETS. A 7-inch tablet will fit nicely in my coat pocket, but not a 10-inch tablet. IF MSFT wish for windows to remain as the corporate OS of choice, they should do two things QUICKLY: release a 7-inch win8pro tablet or a 6-inch phablet AND release a CITRIX receiver and other VPN functionality for win8 phone. Most MDs can access the patient records, radiology images, and other lab data with their mobile device if they have a Citrix App, but not by simply logging on with their browsers. I can’t believe W8Phone still does not have a Citrix Receiver!

        • I understand wanting a 7″ form factor. If MS or third party can do this with Win8Pro it more then likely will sell. CITRIX for the phone is interesting. An app like this would work on the 7″ RT’s from Nokia and others.

      • i would appreciate the 7inch form factor as well.
        i would like to use a powerful 15inch ultrabook a 7 Inch tablet (holdable in one Hand) and my lumia 920. that would be my dream… πŸ˜‰
        my lumia is already here. next step is to upgrade my old Laptop to a new ultrabook but i can’t decide which one i will buy…
        a 7-8inch tablet would just make sense to surf and check mails quickly and comfortably…
        earlier this year i had completely different thoughts about that. i was torn between Laptop (15inch) and tablet (10-11inch) which should be able to run legacy apps …
        but then i realized that a 15inch Laptop wouldnt be very useful for mobile usage on the go (sth like the ideapad yoga is simply too big as a on-the-go-tablet)… but a 10-11inch sized tablet running win8pro would be to small to work comfortably with things like CAD and Excel etc. Sure i could plug it into a bigger Monitor, but i do not always have a bigger Monitor with me (e.g. at University) …
        thats why i would like to get a 15inch Laptop plus a 7-8inch tablet (RT?)

        • looking forward to seeing some 7-8inch devices…
          xbox surface?
          Nokia coffee tab/ lumia tab? … who knows … πŸ˜‰

          • oh yes and if it Comes from Nokia it would be really awesome if they bring their great apps like City lens, maps, Nokia Music etc to this tablet πŸ˜‰

    • I like the weight and size of my Nokia 920. I know if it’s in my pocket and not back on my desk.

  32. I wanted to buy a Surface Pro. That was until I saw the specs: i5 processor with 128 GB. My 20-month old laptop has an i7 with 512 GB, and it could use more. So using the Surface as a laptop would be a downgrade. For a tablet, I already have what should have been called the iPad 3, and it’s great.

  33. i am going to get a windows 8 tablet, but will purchase either lenovo or acer, they have more years in building equipment

  34. I was planning to buy the PRO but then Lenovo Helix came out – so, not anymore.

  35. I plan to replace my desktop PC with the Windows tablet/PC. It will do all I need; games, internet, files, etc. Less space than a desktop, less weight than a laptop & larger screen than a standard tablet. I have enjoyed my Windows phone for the past two years. Too bad there are not more WIN/phones to choose from. I use a Kindle tablet or my phone for quick internet use & games and PS3 for standard & Move games. Lack of interest, on my part, in Android or Apple.

  36. Portability and the ability to edit photos in Lightroom are a big deal for me. Compared to the MAC Air the specs are good with the added benefit of touch including a pressure sensitive pen and being compatible with the Windows home network is a plus. The pressure sensitivity of the pen could make a great tool for Lightroom.

    So on the plane, on the way back from vacation I can edit photos, watch an HD movie, etc.

    At home I get the added bonus of easily web surfing on the couch so I can watch the kids and surf. Not easy to do from the desktop in the office.

    This can also be used as a pen tablet on an external monitor.

  37. As much as my 16-year-old son would like to have one, I won’t be buying a Surface Pro because I can’t afford it. But personally, I think it’s too small anyway. For the money, Microsoft should have made it 11.6″. Luckily for me, I have my Samsung Series 7 Slate tablet (which is 11.6″) at work, and when the warranty runs out on it next month, my boss is going to let me upgrade the SSD to 256 GB so I can partition it and create a dual boot system with Windows 7 and Windows 8. The Windows 8 side will be mostly a toy for me to experiment (and play) with.

  38. Why not? I own an IPad, Nexus 7, Laptop and HPC Win7 desktop. I won’t get rid of any of them as they all serve a useful purpose in my home and office. I’ve been in this business long enough to know that version 1 of anything hardly works as promised; they all get patches or updates. The Surface Pro will be my workhorse on the road – who cares whether it gets 8-9 hours of battery? I carry a charger and unless I’m flying to an International destination, so what? Besides who’s slaving away on an airplane working on a project. I don’t – the technology I own makes me quiet proficient so that all I want is another scotch and some music to flyby.

    • Well that raises an interesting point. On a 10 hour flight, do we say the Surface Pro is useless? Or do we just suck it up and enjoy the 5 hours we get?

      • first unless you cross the pacific or you go deep into eastern Europe from USA there isn’t many flight over 10H I use to fly Charlotte NC to Frankfurt Germany at least 4 times a year and it never took more than 9 hours and never got board on a flight….. well on a 10hour flight chances are you have your own media screen in front of you with music, movies and shows usually less than 6 month old….. so I’m pretty sure you can kill easily 2 or 3 hours just with that and that is if you have really hard movie taste or go to the movie a lot (I go 3 times a week) then you have your surface pro for the rest…. and you can always use your WP8 for the music or some light gaming if you really used all other option….. and now you have planes with plugs in the arm rest and you always have a plug in the bathroom…. if you are that addicted to your tablet you can endure that otherwise get over it….
        anybody that tells me they have found situation where they couldn’t charge up during 10H and vitally needed it for work or else is either a liar or works for international relief organization that do engineering stuff in the middle of very low developed countries…. otherwise you’re just being a precious prick….. been flying since I’m 10 month old and it is only getting better so their is really no reason to whine….

  39. For work. I am a traveling IT consultant and having the ability to take out my tablet and run office apps would help me considerably. I love my ThinkPad, but when you have 12 people at a conference table, my big ole ThinkPad can take up a lot of space. Also, I use OneNote for everything – literally, so taking notes while I’m on the road is a must.

    I would also skip out on the type cover and go with wedge mobile keyboard

    • Cool. You’ve tried the wedge before?

    • yeap did you try it ??? cause I have the Samsung Bluetooth KB for my series 7 slate and I’m not a big fan it’s my travel keyboard… otherwise at home in dock station I use a good old 20 bucks dynex KB/mouse combo bought at best buy and I find it better…. the wedge looks a lot like the Samsung KB I was hopping the touch and type cover of the surface would be of superior quality…. I’d like your input too

      • Unfortunately, I have not yet tried the wedge keyboard, I have only played with it at the Microsoft Store in Cleveland, Ohio. If and when I do purchase a Surface, I’d much rather pass on the Type Cover due to the complaints I’ve read. The big reason why I liked the wedge is because I was able to easily type on it. I have average size hands, but I always seem to keep my fingers in towards the center of the keyboard. For instance, my pinky finger is usually on the “L” key, which is not normal lol.

        What complaints did you have of the Wedge?

  40. Not at present price.

  41. I would buy one for a laptop replacement. I would only pay that price to replace a broken laptop, not to replace a tablet. But the small hdd, smaller screen, and higher price compared to a laptop makes me cautious. The pen is a nice addition. After getting burned jumping into the HP Slate and then having that sitting unused on my desk after paying a bit for it, I am going to wait, do research on people’s experience, play around with demo models before thinking of putting serious money into getting one. Plus, I want to know that it will be upgradable to Windows 9 in the future as the HP Slate is not due to screen resolution.

  42. I only have 2 netbooks

    one is medion akyon run on windows 7.

    amd machine,

    its terrible on battery

    other is Samsung nc10 run on zorin os.

    it use to run xp upgrade to 7

    if I have to work on a windows 8 as I do on mi desktop I go qrazy

    runs windows 7

    all other tablets run windows 7 go around 5 hour battery

    put this way

    if I buy tablet maybe buy Motorola xoom,

    if I can upload windows 7 on Microsoft Surface Pro

    I would buy it and if it runs 10 hour as Motorola xoom

    • lol don’t buy one if it’s to put win 7 on it…. it’s like buying a turbine engine G6 jet and change them with propeller engine after purchase because you prefer the aesthetic…. besides looks that might be more appreciated by some there isn’t anything better in win 7 that win 8 can’t do or won’t do better…. so if it’s just for looks why put down money to downgrade after…. just buy a series 7 slate from Samsung with win 7 on it you find them for cheap on ebay…

  43. Since Windows NT the strength of the Windows OS incorporated in the Pro and higher versions of the desktop OS is in the ability to provide front-end of different servers and services. From my perspective Surface Pro is the natural step of the Windows development in the Cloud, post PC Era. Such device carries definite advantages over the ultrabooks due the tablet form factor and over the iPads and Android based tablets due to the natural integration in the corporate networks and IT environment. I already use Win 8 on my home PC and participate in the Win 8 early adopters program in our company and find that there are much more interesting improvements under the hood of the UI which worth choosing it over Win 7. I expect that the Metro UI will soon be embraced by many enterprises as the PC ecosystem is quite mature and the old 16-bit legacy apps are at the end of their lifecycle. So the Metro UI together with the Cloud inevitably will became a symbol of the new beginning in the Enterprise πŸ™‚

  44. My company is using ipads today and we are realy sick of the app development issues involved with using ipads to access the company systems. This issues goes for Windows RT as well. With Surface Pro we can just use ie 10 and get all the platform support we want and need no app development at all and it replaces the laptop as well.

    • Hey would you mind talking to me offline for 30 minutes? I would like to learn a little more about the type of integration issues you guys are having. You can use the site contact form to send me your details…

  45. i did consider it but,i like to wait for 2nd or 3rd gen devices before jumping in.

      • me too. and i want to wait and see whats going to come by Nokia… RT and win8 tablets this year…(?) πŸ˜‰
        i alreay have win8 on my Laptop (3 years old) and i have a lumia 920. the Integration is simply awesome. i don’t want to say that there is noch space for improvements. but it works well how it works now and thats really great. looking Forward to seeing Windows blue πŸ˜‰

  46. The Surface seems well thought out, but, I would not buy anything running Windows 8 unless there were no other options available to me..

    • What about the screen size?

    • “I would not buy anything running Windows 8” What do you mean?

      • Windows 8 in my experience is no more a stable OS than was Vista, Why they bastardized Win7 is beyond me, but Win8 crashes too easily and some of the crashes require “refreshing” the hard drive. “Refreshing” in Windows 8 means deleting all the apps you’ve loaded and returning the OS to it’s original install configuration. It does fortunately save your data files. My Win8 suffered major OS crashes twice in one week, the second one required sending the notebook in to ASUS to correct. I like the looks and technology behind the Surface, but wait for Win9 that is due out next year.

      • Windows 8 is not ready for prime time. As is their wont, Microsoft has again shoved a buggy operating system onto the consumer packaged as a robust operating system. Windows 8 crashes if you look at it funny, and when it crashes, they are not the easy to reverse crashes of Windows XP or Windows 7 – many of Windows 8 crashes result in your having to bring your computer, tablet, whatever, into the repair shop to repair. WAIT FOR WINDOWS 9 NEXT YEAR, Windows 8 is garbage

  47. well I have the intention because it is simply the best deal for a tablet PC out there for now…. there is nothing better at that price and most are actually pricier for lower hardware specs for the same form factor…..
    only issue is, I already have a Samsung series 7 slate running win8 and just got myself a nokia lumia 920 without contract (so ful price) and I’m out of Tech expense cash lol….
    so I’ll wait and by then if it is still the best I will probably get that since I don’t have the need for a desktop….and I find tablets to be absolute useless piece of crap toys good for kids, mums and computer illiterate….. so a Tablet PC is really what I need and I always buy the best for the bucks… so if surface pro is all that I’ll get it…. if asus or Samsung has something better by then I’ll get that but one thing for sure I’ll get a W8 device…..

  48. I will buy a Surface 8 and get rid of my IPad. It does make sense to be able to run both programs and apps on all my platforms. There is only one OS to manage and Windows 8 is, in my opinion, the easiest and the best OS.

  49. 1. The MS ecosystem is the biggest. Now that MS is in the “touch” game the OS will steadily improve and probably lead.
    2. I’m still waiting for the ultimate artists digital tool. This is the best shot at it yet with both Wacom and pro app’s. Apple refuses to go to a pressure sensitive screen (yet).
    3. Connectivity. Both with standard hardware and data access MS leads.

    There’s no perfect solution, Android doesn’t have the apps or OS for pro work. Apple’s out in left field. MS is barely suited up and in the game tablet wise. I just think MS has the best chance in the long run.

  50. Hi Onuora, I had a surface RTthanks George but it was too limited. i believe from surface pro will be an ultra device that will give you the hardware boost to be productive,it is the future now device that can do it all and give me the ability to advance with the ability to do what i was put on this planet(TO help others !!!l ike you do Onuora!!!)

  51. I plan to go for a RAZER EDGE Pro Gaming system. My W8 tablet has to play games on STEAM. The RAZER EDGE would replace 3 systems, a 4 year old MSI GX630 gaming laptop, Dell mini 9 netbook enhanced to run Windows 7 and a Kindle Fire.

  52. No 3G or 4G –> NoGo for our mobile workers … Sorry

  53. No, will stay with my netbook with Win 8.

  54. Yes, i’ll replace my current laptop after bought window 8 pro because it is a desktop/laptop in a tablet form! πŸ˜€

  55. I don’t plan on buying or using the Surface Pro. I own an iPad which is better in my opinion.

  56. When I read that MS was going to make a Win8Pro tablet I sold my ViewSonic Win7 tablet before I lost a lot of money on it. I’ve been saving my money and will buy the Surface Pro as soon as I can. Hopefully the of the month.

  57. One thing I noticed absent from this thread is the use the Surface Pro will have for designers, engineers and architects. Take it into the field, snap a photo of the job and make notes on the photo with the pen. Being a real computer a CAD program can be installed also for using in the field. I can see a lot of use in engineering.
    Anything that can save you time can make you money.

  58. Definitely,
    I spend a great deal of time in metro development and testing. At the moment I spend time side loading to an RT for testing purposes. The Pro will give me an ideal, particularly poratble and mobile development platform.
    Greg Farquhar

  59. Robert Fletcher / January 17, 2013 at 6:48 pm /Reply

    I want a tablet, but need a tablet pc. ipad is a great tablet, but I am looking for something that can windows because I own a ton of Windows software already. I don’t know yet if i will buy a Surface Pro, but I’m definitely going to check it out. I’ve been waiting for Surface Pro to make my final decision.

  60. I want one because it’s cool and because it would make a great present for my husband.

  61. I can’t say it would replace anything, but it would be used side by side, or ‘on the go’ usage. I do like the new interface, haven’t had a chance to play with win8 much but I love learning new systems.

  62. Not to be offensive but the Surface RT is semi-useless when compared to an Ipad. The Pro however is way more useful to me than an IPad. I am looking forward to its release.

  63. The larger HDD space, bigger display, legacy support. it utilizes a feature that windows 8 was made for, touch screens. The cool clickie keyboard. I think I can use it for all my laptop needs, of course I’d need a gaming rig somewhere too.

  64. I want the Surface PRO because this is the tablet that can really replace the laptop. It works like a full PC.

  65. Because I work in IT and this would enable me to securely control the WINDOWS network, it would enable real remote desktoping and all the software I run on my desktop I could run onthis tablet. It is everything I want right now in a tablet yes it may cost a lot but you pay for what you get.

  66. because i consider it to be a best hybrid and i dont like yoga and others

    also i have got pissed off by limitations of ipad and android is too geeky

    and i can run the good pc games on it as well as temple run 2 via bluestack or youwave

    so all in one for me, let it be pc, a tablet or gaming device with great style and comfort

    storage does not hurt me much cuz we dont keep videos loaded on comp in this youtube world

    and pictures music and installed dont need that much space or do they

  67. We are retired and traveling a lot. I have a Kindle Fire, a Dell Mini-9 netbook I enhanced to run Windows 7 and an 4 year old MSI gaming laptop. I would like to replace the netbook and the laptop with something easier to haul around.

  68. Full blown os on a tablet. It’s that simple.

  69. it the only way to be able to use the full office 365 programmes on a tablet.

  70. I am replacing my current Surface Pro. I have been using only Surface for all my digital needs for 4 months (OK, plus HTC 8X) and I am really happy about it. I really can get everything done (iPad does not run Windows programs), I needed fully featured OS (do you know any other tablet, where you can play touch-Civilization 5 or use Photoshop?) and I wanted all of that in light touch form. The only thing was Surface for me, although I was very happy with my Vaio Z before that. Reason to switch is more disk space – 128GB tends to be too little, I will probably go for 512GB. Then it will be a 100% perfect companion for me, right now it is 95%.

  71. Typical that mr. Amobi should ask this question. Despite his apologies and excuses, It’s as if he cannot believe that people would want a W8 Pro. So typical. With this question he is revealing that he wil not be standing in line to buy one, since he usually critisizes Winows products.

    • Damian Vansen / May 20, 2014 at 9:59 pm /Reply

      Mr. Amobi is damned if he does (if he just asked “why?”) and damned if he doesn’t (says it is “Not a joke and no insult intended.”). At least for Mr. Amobi it shows that he has readers that continue to use his Windows site despite accusing him of anti-Microsoft bias. Shows that he has latest and breaking news as even detractors turn to him.

  72. I want to use it for producing, being productive. I can’t do that with the “Do you think I am still pretty?” bunch.

  73. Form factor and stylus interaction and power. Needed a better graphics card though and for now, the advantage of having such power in the surface is not worth the extra money to get what I need. Way too expensive. Dock, keyboard, mini display port accessories, microSD and USB 3.0 hub would carry me well over $2,000.

  74. Venue 8 pro for when I need a tablet. Sony Vaio flip for when I don’t. It’s that simple.

  75. Because of research software I want to use that is only on Windows. That’s not the only reason, but the most important. I just like windows. I’ve been using it since Windows 3.0 when it first became hot. The Surface Pro 2 because I like the tablet form factor. I enjoy “touch” computing. Still have my desktop, but it’s probably the last one I’ll own.

  76. Jamie Martin / May 2, 2014 at 10:50 am /Reply

    I got one simply because I’m always on the move. I needed something with a touch screen and it needed to be strong enough to run adobe Photoshop, premier pro and some other heavy programs, including Minecraft with 217 mods. The only issue i have is with Project sparks. The system cannot stay cool. It has overheated once and survived thanks to a temperature fail safe. I’m hoping that in the fall when I go to pro 2 or 3 if they have designed and released it, there’s a better cooling system.

  77. Damian Vansen / May 20, 2014 at 10:04 pm /Reply

    I would buy a Surface Pro simply for its ability to be a businessman’s device: legacy software, laptop replacement (i.e. keyboard – although it needs a hinge!), and its CRITICAL ability to run full Adobe photoshop, old Office 2003 and Citavi database. I though will wait for Windows 9 before making that choice.

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