Why I don’t cover Windows Phone Mango

So I have been repeatedly asked about why I don’t have any Windows Phone Mango updates on this site.

Before I go further I should explain…

Microsoft had a phone operating system called Windows Phone 7 that was around before any talk of Windows 8. Then Microsoft demonstrated tons of new features in a new update to Windows Phone 7 called Mango.

The Windows Phone Mango update was widely dubbed Windows Phone 7.1 or 7.5 by many blogs.

Here’s a video outlining the Mango features..


This site however is only interested in all things Windows 8 so we will be focused on the next version of Windows Phone (after Mango) which is widely believed to be codenamed Apollo.

Apollo (it is said) is the beginning of the unification of Microsoft’s mobile and desktop operating systems.

Hopefully we will hear more at the Windows Build conference…

Hope that clears that up…