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Why I’m a fan of ZDNet’s Ed Bott

This site has been covering Windows since 2009 (years before Windows 8) and we were able to correctly predict a lot of the impact this OS would have.

From the Start Button to Start Screen bootups to bad Surface Ads, we were able to call a lot of those things first.

Well, in that spirit, Ed Bott wrote a really cool article on ZDNet called Windows 8, one year later: 10 mistakes Microsoft made (and how they plan to fix things).

It’s a great article and it took me sadly back down memory lane about Windows 8 and all the mistakes that were made.

A sample:

Boot to Desktop

Boot to Desktop

Miscalculation on desktop changes

You see that empty check box, highlighted in yellow? The option to bypass the Start screen and go straight to the desktop when signing in to Windows 8.1?

That option was in an early preview of Windows 8, but it was dropped for the final release.

It’s back in Windows 8.1, as Exhibit A in Microsoft’s “We’re listening to your feedback” campaign.

There was plenty of feedback during the beta process from people who wanted a desktop-centric version of Windows 8. Microsoft stubbornly (some would say arrogantly) ignored them.

And now, a year later, that option and a few other desktop-friendly changes are part of Windows 8.1. One can only wonder: what would the reaction to Windows 8 have been like if a traditional desktop configuration had been available, even as a well hidden option?

Head over to ZDNet to read the rest of Ed’s very accurate points.

Very nicely done!