While smartphones might be all the rage at the moment, smartwatches are not something that have not won the world over. Things is, most of these are nothing more than smartphone accessories.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear 2, Sony Smartwatch, Pebble Steel are rather useless if not paired with a smartphone. And while the idea of a smartphone capable of placing phone calls has been around for some time, it appears that a Taiwanese manufacture has beaten other companies to the punch.

Other companies like Samsung and LG that are said to be working on such products.

According to this report, WiMe is launching its third Android wristband that is destined for arrival this July for $259. It comes with an embedded microSIM card along with 3G support — meaning wearers can use it to place phone calls and receive notifications.

Powered by a dual-core MediaTek CPU and sporting a 1.5-inch capacitive 420 by 320 pixels display, the device runs a modified version of Android 4.2, upgradeable to Android 4.3.

The Wi-Watch comes with a 500 mAh battery that can be charged via a microUSB port at the back.

Water resistant, and with connectivity options like WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS, the wearable is made available in either 16GB or 32GB internal storage capacity, in gold, silver or black, with a choice of different straps.

Worth keeping an eye on how this performs on the market.

And whether this paves way for more such devices.

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  1. It looks exactly like a Galaxy Gear.

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