So there has been a lot of speculation about Microsoft giving out a software preview of Windows 8 at or around the BUILD conference.

Fair enough.

Most of the speculation has been about when will the demo software be released and what version will it be..

  • Windows 8 Beta
  • Windows 8 Community Technical Preview
  • Windows 8 Developer Preview


Fair enough BUT one of the major issues that has gone overlooked so far is:

How do you test a touch interface without a tablet?

I don’t know about you guys but I have tons of computers that I can throw a demo version of Windows 8 on and test the Desktop version on. How oh how would I test a tablet version with a touch interface?

One way to fix this issue would be for Microsoft to give out demo tablets to BUILD participants so people can start testing the Windows 8 interface.

Other than that, not sure what other way you could do a developer preview or beta of Windows 8 and really have people thoroughly test it.

What do you guys think? Do you think Microsoft would give out Windows 8 tablets at BUILD?

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  1. Would that be like 15,000 tablets? Can Microsoft afford that?


  2. +1 Wish I could go.

  3. Hy all peaple! Well, i bought a Tablet PC with Microsoft Windows 7 in february 2011 and, yes i hope test w8, oh yes, on my tab!

  4. I think they must change the name or it sounds like rambo 1-2-3-4-5 like that….its an old out coming that means we added some new updates thats all what U will get.

  5. Bill Gates can certainly afford to and it would be a cheap form of advertisement that could bring hundreds of millions in return.

  6. Gregoy Van Der Beek / August 18, 2011 at 3:20 am /Reply

    How about making it to be able to work with a mouse as well as touch as not everyone is going to the expense of bying a new monitor as I have gone and bought a large screen tv to use as a monitor prior to the news of 8 being the new release as microsoft normally has  its O/S out for some time before a new release is out in the market 

  7. makes sense to give out tablets after all it is a tax write off

  8. i already have the asus epad 121 with windows 7 so i’m really looking forward to test windows 8 supposed to suit it this tablets much more precisely

  9. I don’t like tablets or touch screens they are highly inaccurate.They are made for the lazy  sods who can’t be bothered to use a keyboard & mouse.

  10. considering that they are going to be using a realitively new type of os base(touch vs. keyboard)
    it would be to their greater advantage to give out tablets for free with loaded software for users to test with, othewrwise how are they going to know if it will work for them. I certainly would not pay the price of a tablet plus pay for win8 only to find out that I cant use it.

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