Will Skype be integrated into Windows 8?

So in light of the Skype acquisition by Microsoft, it’s time to ask the question – will Skype be integrated into Windows 8?

The possibilities start to look really exciting when you put the various pieces together.

First – Windows 8 may use a Kinect or Kinect 2 for facial recognition..

Then – Windows 8 may support 3d monitors

Then – Windows 8 may have Skype built in

The ability to use Skype seamlessly within applications and within the Operating System would be a powerful one two punch for Microsoft.

It would reinforce Windows 8 as the premium Operating System and definitely leave Google Chrome OS behind.

What do you guys think?

  • xinu

    It would certainly be nice to have skype integrated into windows, i think this would give it a competetive edge over osx as well.

  • Norma51

    When will Microsoft 8 be out for home users?

  • amiel

    and what about microsoft’s live messenger, will it be abandoned?

    • http://www.windows8update.com/ Onuora Amobi

      Hard to tell. Thats what makes this either a Genius move or a really expensive and stupid move – the execution.

  • http://twitter.com/kingoflibras Azir Zuroc

    it would be a good move if they can get around anti-trust laws, once that step is completed, then the application would cost microsoft a lead as a premium system again and would pack a powerful punch with their software such as Windows Live Messenger, the new webcam application, business software, and probably use the software to log users on/off of their computers