Will the Lack of Apps Be the Downfall of the Microsoft Surface?

CNET’s Eric Franklin has done a great review of the Microsoft Surface RT.  He shows the dual nature of the OS, with the tiled-based Start interface and old Windows interface.

Franklin repeats the common refrain that the Surface’s 3 main problems are: 1) Apps  2) Apps and 3) Apps.  He describes Apps as “nonexistent” as far as Microsoft’s App Store is concerned.

This is a major problem for adoption of the Surface and other Windows 8-based tablets.  More Apps cannot come soon enough.  If the App Store does not fill out and quickly, that could lead to the Surface and allied Windows 8 tablets perennially running in third place, way behind Android and the iPad.

Understood though is the fact that Microsoft cannot affect App development directly – they certainly cannot write enough Apps to fill the marketplace.  They have to create an environment and incentives for developers to create Apps.  Will this play out successfully?  I think so, albeit slowly and with more success in the enterprise than with the consumer.

What do you think?

Enjoy the review below.