According to the research firm Gartner, the WinNT era is comig to an end soon. In their opinion, Windows 8 will mark the beginning of a new Windows RT(Run Time) era.

Windows Runtime library (WinRT) is the heart of system services for applications in Windows 8 that will be designed to incorporate the new “Metro” style

WinRT supports development in C++ (usually with Component Extensions, C++/CX) and the managed languages C# and VB.NET, as well as JavaScript. Programs can be written using Windows Runtime that will run on both the Intel and ARM editions of Windows 8 without modification.

But the Gartner analysts are predicting that with the coming of Windows 8, the value of desktop legacy apps will decrease.

They are predicting that WinRT will keep Microsoft relevant in a future that will be dominated by mobile devices.

Microsoft has positioned WinRT as its strategic platform for new development.

Gartner analysts see Windows 8 as a major technology shift. This shift is somewhat similar to the shift from DOS to NT.

“Windows 8 is the start of Microsoft’s effort to respond to market demands and competitors, as it provides a common interface and programming API set from phones to servers. It is also the beginning of the end of Win32 applications on the desktop,” said Michael Silver, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner.

“Microsoft will continue to support Win32, but it will encourage developers to write more manageable and engaging applications using WinRT.”

I totally agree with their analysis.

What about you?

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  • Timiteh

    I hope not unless Metro apps get way,way more powerful to the point that they can efficiently replace the most complex desktop apps. Otherwises Mac and Linux market shares will dramatically increase in a relatively close future.

  • Rex

    I do expect RT apps to become more powerful.  The design is incredible and much more safe.  A really good base.  I may be wrong, but I expect RT containers to isolate current NT programs in windows 9.  If that happens, it will be good bye desktop.  There needs to be much more sizing available however.

  • Ezekiel Carsella

    if they move all the legacy applications i need to metro then i need no desktop. if not this will be fought by the IT and consumer market.