Will Windows 8 allow phonecalls?

Last week during a BUILD 2011 session, a Metro UI tile for phone functionality was spotted.

The slide, caught by Long Zheng has a Windows Phone 7 style “Missed Calls” dialog complete with times and dates of recent incoming voice calls.

What’s not clear is whether this is a traditional telephony service or some form of Voice Over IP (VOIP) service.

The HP TouchPad tablet allowed owners to make and receive calls, as well as send and receive SMS messages, on their Pre3 handset via a Bluetooth link and a dialog on the slate itself.

It’s not clear if Microsoft has a similar strategy in mind.

With Microsoft purchasing Skype, their option are many. Stay tuned here for more of these developments.

  • Emperor_chen

    This is what I want, a full computer with a cell phone! now no more limited surfing on today’s 1/2 smartphone.