When it comes to artists, developers, and even just the average “Joe” it seems like more users are making the switch to Mac in the last few years.

So what are some of the reasons behind the switch? To give you an idea, here is the story behind my switch to Mac.

Back in 2006 I made the switch to using a Mac as my primary machine when I stumbled upon an old 500MHz iMac G3 with OSX on it. I purchased the machine as a toy for about $90 to geek around with and fell in love with OSX.

Many people think that aesthetics are the only reason why people flock to the Mac, but my iMac G3 looked horrible and instead it was the stability of Unix combined with an ‘ease of use’ level that was more on par with Windows that made me switch. Admittedly things like the dock were also part of the draw.

The biggest reasons behind the switch were really that I owned a 3GHz Pentium 4 machine with XP that seemed to run only marginally better. I had also experimented with pre-release builds of Vista (or Longhorn, as it was once known) and didn’t feel that Windows was getting any better. The last version of Windows I had really had a passion for was 2000 Professional, and even though XP was essentially just an upgrade to the NT/2000 core I never cared that much for it.

So long story short, I purchased a newer Mac Mini and never looked back. For a power user and custom PC builder like me it was a lack of interest in the direction of Windows that had made me switch.

This story might seem odd coming from a writer on a Windows 8 news site, so what changed? The change came in the form of a wonderful little OS that we all know as Windows 7.

Window 7 had made major strides in elegance, design, and overall just was a more enjoyable ride. I had originally started with Windows 7 as a pre-Beta experience on a secondary PC I had lying around. This inspired me to build a newer dual-core rig and Windows 7 Beta would become my primary operating system.

I had never enjoyed Vista even during its pre-release versions but for 7 it was love at first sight.

Why did I switch back for 7? The ‘dock’ had a replacement in 7 in the form of the new elegant icons on the start bar which felt more “Mac-like”. Overall it was a combination of the power of Windows, the multitude of applications, and the now more pleasant feel that won me over.

So fast forwarding to the present, has Windows 7 helped slow switchers? Vista certainly helped the switch movement gain momentum, but yes 7 did help slow down the switch. Now here comes Windows 8.

Windows 8 has a unique social-like experience in the form of Metro, is optimized for touch, boots faster, has built-in Virus protection, improved security, and a continued push into a more elegant design that feels less like the desktop of the mid-90s.

Will Windows 8 cause Mac users to switch to Windows? Honestly, this is less than likely due to Mac fans extreme loyalty.  Consumers that recently switched to Mac or are thinking about making the switch may just find the changes in Windows 8 welcome enough to win back their affections.

Windows 8 is very different from even the wonderful experience I found in 7, and it certainly seems like a gamble for the company. Windows 8 is a solid OS that is designed to have a little something for everyone, and I personally think could continue to slow down the “Mac Switch” movement.

What do you think about Windows 8? Does the new OS offer appeal to Mac users or those thinking about making the switch? Share your thoughts below!

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  1. I only used the beta for a week or so… I didn’t like it. I mean buggy-ness aside I didn’t like the GUI, especially not the metro. I want a computer OS not a gimmicky OS that looks like a mix between a tablet and a PC…

    I didn’t find it was any more user friendly than OS X is, and worst part is Word 2011 for mac seems way better than Word 2010. So I don’t even need windows for my every day work.

    So… Yeah… I still like Lion much more than Windows 7 or 8… for now… but of course windows 8 is still in Beta, so only time will tell

  2. Well i made the switch to a mac in 2009 just because I was getting tried of Windows and wanted to experience the “Mac”. Well to be honest since I have learned that I miss windows. I game only casually, but find the whole bootcamp experience to be annoying. There are many applications which are on Windows which I would love to be on a mac and vice versa. But lately the move on the mac has been towards small apps rather than fully featured programs. I actually Miss Microsoft office, I dont think that the mac version is up to scratch, although its much better than its predecessors. If I had to buy a new PC today, it would probably be a windows machine, and im considering replacing my mac with a windows pc over the next few years.

  3. ” and even just the average “Joe” it seems like more users are making the switch to Mac in the last few years.”

    Do you have any links to back that up or is this yet another sample of the tabloid journalism that we often see here?

    I can pull stats out of my ass too.

  4. Poor vision drove me back to a PC from my iMac. I cannot use zoom of any kind, so the default look of the OS is critical. I miss OS X terribly. Windows 7 is fine, but Windows 8 Developer Preview is not for me. I HATE Metro. No matter how many folks complain about not wanting it on a desktop PC, it does not appear Microsoft is listening. It seems foolish to rely on a 3rd party Registry hack to re-enable the Windows 7-like desktop. I use the Start Menu and Task Bar all the time. The boneheads at MS want to turn the PC into a tablet. If I can find a large enough low resolution monitor for OS X, Windows is very much history!!!

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